2012 Top Japanese Drama List

November 11, 2012

Are you looking for some good Japanese dramas?  Here we are going to list the best Japanese dramas of 2012, based on fan ratings on Yodrama. If you are a J-drama fan, I’m sure you have seen or heard of these dramas. And for those who are new to Japanese dramas, these are a good start.

Read on to see the top Japanese drama full list and the streaming links where you can watch.


Rich Man, Poor Woman


watch rich man poor woman onlineRich Man, Poor Woman tells a modern day Cinderella story. 29-year-old Hyuga Toru (Oguri Shun) is the CEO of an IT company. He has a very flawed personality, but through a combination of chance and luck he has become a billionaire. On the other hand, Sawaki Chihiro (Ishihara Satomi), a  hardworking college student,  still has not been able to find a job. Chihiro and Toru meet through a strange turn of events and fall in love. They frequently have conflicts, but grow as they get to know each other …


Genre: Romance, Comedy
Starring: Aibu Saki, Oguri Shun
Episodes: 11 (Completed)


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Great Teacher Onizuka (GTO) 2012


Great Teacher Onizuka 2012Through the introduction of his friend Danma Ryuji, Onizuka Eikichi, the former legendary bike gang member, visits Meishu Academy to tend to the trees in the garden as a part-time gardener. Learning that Yoshikawa Noboru, a student in teacher Fuyutsuki Azusa’s class is being bullied by Uehara Kyoko and other classmates, Onizuka befriends and saves Yoshikawa. Seeing Onizuka’s unprecedented but visceral, powerful response to problem solving, the school’s president and principal, Sakurai Yoshiko, overrides resistance from her vice principal Uchiyamada Hiroshi and makes Onizuka a teacher. Onizuka goes on to tackle many issues as the teacher in charge of the most problematic class, Class 2-4.


Genre: Drama, School
Starring: Shirota Yu, Kuroki Hitomi
Episodes: 11 (Completed)


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Kagi no Kakatta Heya


 Ohno plays an employee of a major security company who has to unravel various incidents. The series falls under the “locked room” mystery genre, in which crimes are committed under seemingly impossible circumstances (such as within a room with no apparent means of escape). Ohno’s character has an obsession with studying keys and locks, giving him an advantage in solving each mystery.


Genre: Mystery
Starring: Ohno Satoshi, Toda Erika
Episodes: 11 (Completed)


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Sprout is based on a popular manga by Nanba Atsuko that’s been serialized in ‘Bessatsu Friend’. The love story in ‘Sprout’ evolves when two high school students, named Souhei and Miku, start living under the same roof after Miku’s parents turn their home into a boarding house. The heroine will be played by Morikawa Aoi (16), and it will also star A.B.C-Z’s Hashimoto Ryosuke (20), Kawakita Mayuko (20), Kojima Fujiko (18), and Johnny’s Jr. members Lewis Jesse (15) and Tanaka Juri (16).
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Starring: Kojima Fujiko, Chinen Yuri
Episodes:12 (Completed)


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watch beginners jdrama onlineThe story takes place in a police academy boarding school. Under 24 hour surveillance for 10 months, and having to follow the rules of the school: “absolute obedience,” “no cell phones,” and “no romance.” Enduring the grueling instructions from their strict instructors, their one escape from this hell was each other, or so they thought…


Genre: Comedy, Drama

Starring: Gouriki Ayame, Koyanagi Yu, Kitagawa Hiromi

Episodes: 10 (Completed)


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Mirai Nikki


The drama revolvs around 12 people who obtain a “future diary,” which allows them write down “predictions” of the future that will come true. However, they are all part of a game of survival, in which they must use their diaries to try to kill each other and be the last one remaining, earning a place on the “God’s seat.” Okada plays Hoshino Arata, a lazy college student who doesn’t believe in spending effort or working toward the future. One day, he gets a diary (the “future diary”) on his mobile phone, and he becomes involved in the game of survival.


Genre: Drama
Starring: Hongo Kanata, Fukuda Mayuko, Gouriki Ayame, Okada Masaki

Episodes: 11 (Completed)



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Shiritsu Bakaleya Koukou



Shiritsu Bakaleya Koukou’ is a story of the trials and tribulations when a boys’ high school full of young delinquents and a prestigious girls’ high school full of wealthy young ladies, are combined into one school.


Genre: Comedy, Drama, School
Episodes: 12 (Completed)


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Kimura Takuya returns to Monday nights at Fuji TV as an ordinary salary man, Kindaichi Fumio, who is loved by colleagues and trusted for his ability to protect subordinates. One day, however, things take a 180 degree turn and his life becomes completely flipped upside down. His superiors fix their eyes on him and concoct a plot to bring him down. He is held responsible for a crime he has no recollection of, and is forced to leave his position. Read More…



Genre: Comedy, Drama, Family, Romance
Starring: Kimura Takuya, Karina

Episodes:3 ( Ongoing)


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Doctor X



Daimon Michiko (Yonekura) is a 37-year-old freelance surgeon who is part of a questionable ?doctor placement service? that has her wander from hospital to hospital. The harsh environment at the hospitals led many doctors to retire from their positions, forcing hospitals to make use of said program to fill the empty spots at least temporary. However, Michiko doesn?t look like a doctor at all with her flashy clothes and eccentric attitude. Read More…



Genre: Drama
Starring: Tanaka Kei, Yonekura Ryoko

Episodes:2 ( Ongoing)


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Boys On The Run



Toshiyuki Tanishi (Ryuhei Maruyama) is 27-year-old single guy, who has never had a girlfriend in his whole life. He works for small toy company, Saida Company. People view Toshiyuki Tanishi as stupid and the last person who will achieve success. Meanwhile, Toshiyuki has feelings for co-worker Chiharu (Akina Minami), but Read More…


Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance
Starring: Saito Takumi, Minami Akina

Episodes: 9 ( Completed )


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Mikeneko Holmes no Suiri



Katayama Yoshitaro became a police detective after having followed the will of his father who had been known as a great detective. However, Yoshitaro can never step into murder scenes because he faints whenever he sees blood, and criminals are able to easily slip away because he is afraid of heights. He also has phobias of women and ghosts. Moreover, Read More…


Genre: Comedy, Mystery
Starring: Aiba Masaki, Oomasa Aya

Episodes: 5 (Ongoing)


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Beautiful Rain


A father with a young daughter that he has looked after by himself is diagnosed as a sufferer of early-onset Alzheimer’s disease. His daughter, Miu, is a strong reliable girl on the outside but still a young and vulnerable girl on the inside. As his forgetfulness takes its toll, how will they face reality and overcome it?
Genre: Family
Starring: Yasuda Ken, Miura Shohei

Episodes: 12 ( Completed)


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