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*Please don’t request updates of existing dramas. Try the search function or Drama/movie list  first. Thank you!

The format should be: eg, Korean Drama – To The Beautiful You.

  • chelsey

    Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni Anime
    Boys over flower Final – Please Check Boys Before Folowers

  • i live in cheongdamdong


  • Joanna

    Chinese Mainlan Drama – 小菊的春天(Xiaoju’s Spring) – No English Subs Yet, Watch raw on Youtube

  • Calyth

    Korean drama – Paradise Ranch/Farm – Added:)

  • jste

    japanese drama- sugarless ——- working on

  • jste

    japanese drama- sugarless ——- working on

  • Rachel

    Japanese Movie – Rurouni Kenshin (live action movie with eng subs)

  • Herika

    Korean Movie – Happiness

  • Herika

    Taiwanese Drama – That Love Comes

  • Herika

    Taiwanese Drama – Sunny Happiness

  • Aki

    Korean Drama – Smile,You

  • Natasya_Minho

    Korean Drama – To The Beautiful You.

  • TheDookieNut

    Japanese Drama – Life
    Japanese Film – Song of the Sun

  • TheDookieNut

    Japanese Drama – Life
    Japanese Film – Song of the Sun

  • Any

    Taiwanese drama – The Prince Who Turns into a Frog

  • Dam Max

    Japanese rom/com: Celeb to binbo Taro

  • April Grecer

    korean movie my way

  • tippy8382

    Japanese Drama – Teen Court

  • April Grecer

    korean movie – good morning president

  • April Grecer

    korean movie – good morning president

  • somia

    I always wanted to watch tawanese drama ring ring bell and I can’t find it eng sub anywhere.can you please upload all episode of ring ring bell

  • somia

    I always wanted to watch tawanese drama ring ring bell and I can’t find it eng sub anywhere.can you please upload all episode of ring ring bell

  • Black Rose

    taiwan drama – twin , please..
    and hanakimi taiwan version . .

  • Black Rose

    taiwan drama – twin , please..
    and hanakimi taiwan version . .

  • tym ikram

    can i request hotelier – korean drama 2001

  • tym ikram

    can i request hotelier – korean drama 2001

  • chris

    Giant of Lee Kang Mo pleas add this movie’ all filipino want to watch this movie in internet’ All filipino are dying if you don’t upload this movie T_T Korean Drama

    • chris

      yodrama stuff and all supporters’ i would like to request the Korean Drama Giant of Lee Kang Mo to add this in your movie list pleas :((

  • chris

    Giant of Lee Kang Mo pleas add this movie’ all filipino want to watch this movie in internet’ All filipino are dying if you don’t upload this movie T_T Korean Drama

  • chris

    yodrama stuff and all supporters’ i would like to request the Korean Drama Giant of Lee Kang Mo to add this in your movie list pleas :((

  • Ice-prince

    Korean drama titled “Green Rose” please!!!

  • Ice-prince

    Korean drama titled “Green Rose” please!!!

  • dal

    operation proposal!!please =D

  • Cassandra

    Hi. I would like to request korean movie by Song Joong Ki – A Werewolf Boy. Thank you

  • saye

    I would like to request The slave hunters-2010 drama….it was really surprising that i didnt see this drama in your lists.
    Thank you

  • rock

    korean drama – smile you

  • I-have-prince-disease-so-what!

    I’d like to request for a korean drama entitled “Creating Destiny” pretty pleassseee!!!

  • Ha Na

    korean movie: jackal is coming

  • Carl

    Ikebukuro West Gate Park!

  • RamadeviNarasimhan

    can you upload hindi dramas too. Am from India. If u try huge hindi dramas like geet,punar vivah,ramayan, many indians will become crazy!!!!!!!

  • Ruel Pineda Porras

    can i request air doll movie

  • jane dela cruz

    can i request korean iam legend 2011 and jumong

  • DramaQueen

    taiwan drama office girls please!

  • G-Phoenix

    Please add korean drama entitled “Oh! Feel Young”

  • RShafinaz Hamzah

    korean drama: the princess man

  • sleepy11head

    May I request: Korean Drama – I need romance 1

    I really wanna watch the first version of this drama.
    Thank you so much for the hard work! I really appreciate it! FIGHTING!!!

  • 3Matt

    Miss Kurosawa and Miss Kurosawa 2011.

  • 3Matt

    Miss Kurosawa and Miss Kurosawa 2011.

  • Dina

    can i request taiwan drama?? it started with a kiss 1, hana kimi, in time with you, and more another taiwan movie..thxs

  • Dina

    can i request taiwan drama?? it started with a kiss 1, hana kimi, in time with you, and more another taiwan movie..thxs

  • Eiffel

    awesome. site has a request feature. don’t mind if i do heart heart

    Taiwanese Drana — Queen not getting off work/ Nu wang bu xia ban
    (, quite recent…the only available source found now is viki..but on the very first episode, second part is invalid…)
    Japanese Drama — Haken no Oscar/ Lady Oscar Works Temp
    Chinese; Hong Kong/Mainland Drama — Little Miss Unreasonable/ My Sassy Wife Xu Xiao Mei/ Diu Man Giu Chai So Siu Je
    (i think the official title was maybe translated twice?)
    Thai Drama/ Lakorn — Miss Frumpy/ Nang Sao Pha Kee Riw
    (not quite sure about this one’s actual name but they said it was the right result so…)(lakorn= thai drama(?))

    ..sorry for the multi requests..actually ppl were watching and also wanted to make
    at least one request each. they can come back and do their own requests some other time since i bookmarked the site for them(found it today(?) =D) ..but for now we just decided on one per culture/country. hopefully i got the names right lol. ..ddon;t have much time before mum starts nagging for sleep………………night =))

  • monmon


  • monmon


  • as

    korean drama who are you

  • as

    korean drama who are you

  • Anjell Daichi

    japanese drama – tantei gakuen q, scrap teacher, conan detective, hungry, perfect son,

    taiwan drama – half a fairy tale, love keeps going, brown sugar machiatto

  • Ivory

    Korean Drama – Love Letter

  • Danica Mae Abad

    can i request king 2 hearts?

  • Haejoo

    would you please find K drama White lies?

  • Nofriyanti Saputro

    korean drama yes captain / take care of me captain please..

  • Meiti Hakim

    Can I request Samsaengi – Korean TV novel drama

  • Meiti Hakim

    Can I request Samsaengi – Korean TV novel drama

  • hanareiko

    Japanese Drama – Saki

  • hanareiko

    Japanese Drama – Saki

  • yorin

    can i request some Korean drama and movies, plz?!
    Korean movie: sunny
    Korean drama: thousands kiss
    the 2 heart king
    snow queen
    city conquest

  • yorin

    can i request some Korean drama and movies, plz?!
    Korean movie: sunny
    Korean drama: thousands kiss
    the 2 heart king
    snow queen
    city conquest

  • jenny

    Korean Drama – Princess Hours

    • yodrama
      • hasliza

        From where i can get korean drama king of ambition/queen of ambition.please help me.thank you so much

      • xXVIPXx15

        how can i see the calender of the drama??TQ

      • shanaira

        Please… Do you have a full episode of RETURN. OF THE. WIFE..

  • tamara

    I would like to request korea drama only you -2005

  • blunt ravensniper

    i love to request JUMONG. can we make i possible here… i am looking forward for it.. JAIYOU!!!! :)

  • blunt ravensniper

    i love to request JUMONG. can we make i possible here… i am looking forward for it.. JAIYOU!!!! :)

  • tamara

    only you-Korea drama,please

  • tamara

    only you-Korea drama,please

  • chenyuxin

    Taiwanese drama- KO one return (KO one 2)

  • Naresh Kumar

    Can i request “Legend of the demigods” Chinese drama 2008

  • pmy

    korean drama – “glory jane”

  • lovekoreandrama

    Korean Drama – Glory Jane

  • DAL


  • shekhar

    please provide the episodes of
    “Jang Ok Jung, Live for Love”

  • shekhar

    please provide the episodes of

    “Love Story in Harvard”

  • cheezk

    bachelor vegetable store please…..
    thank you

  • ijul

    Thanks for trying.
    Korean Drama – Don’t Hesitate

  • chele


  • denxy28

    Korean drama “9 ends 2 out” please…thnx

  • Sitti Abdul

    can i request Full House – korean drama 2011 by rain ang song hye kyo

  • Shelly

    Can I request wing chun tv series 2007 starring nicholas tse. 40 episodes in Cantonese please and thank you.

  • wijayanti

    can i request korean movie finding mr destiny by gong yoo??

  • koen

    the chaser plz..

  • MAyoura Deap

    Can I request Taiwan drama 2003 – Love Train

  • mona

    can i request flower boy next door episod17 tnx

  • jx

    korean drama – City Hall

  • haley rainestar

    Korean Drama- Shining Inheritance
    pls add this korean drama,.am so die hard at this tnx

  • sjpetal

    lawyers , starring kim song soo

  • Emelinda Timbol

    may i request the city hall by cha seung won and kim sun ah.i’ll be very grateful.thank you.

  • mona

    could u please change the playing link of flower boy episode 1 special im crazy about it but i cant open it and watch :-C:-C:-C:-C:-C

  • chee

    Hong kong drama – State of divinity(1996)

  • kyu032

    can i request love and war 2 idol version??

  • kyu032

    korean drama-love and war 2 idol version

  • nae

    Reality show running man, pleaseee..

  • dl

    please upload that winter the wind blows

  • Yuu

    Can I request the 1)Forbidden Love it a korean series I believe…also 2)Jumong and 3)Dong Yi….the main protagonist in Horse Doctor is the same protagonnist in Dong Yi too…and and 4) Standby :))

  • Ria

    Japanese SP Drama – Tengoku de Kimi ni Aetara

  • lorna t. montaner

    kindly upload korean drama STILL YOU /YOU’LL STILL THE ONE

  • lorna t. montaner

    can i request korean drama STILL YOU/YOU’LL STILL THE ONE

  • BakaYArou

    Japanese Drama- Sugarless (Episode 7-12)

  • donia

    Wei Hun Qi
    i really want to watch it couldn’t find it anywhere

  • Ralph Joseph Maano

    may i request I do, I do= a korean drama aired last 2012 by MBS, tnx

  • mona

    please complete drama youre the best lee sun shin tnx for ur hard working

  • Patrice

    I know it’s an old japanese drama, but please if you find it, could you post it, it’s a wonderful drama, teaching a lot of life lessons, promoting strong, smart and compassionate woman image, it’s called simply:
    “OSHIN”. thank you.

  • J.C.

    Japanese movie – Love for beginners/Koi wo Hajimemasu

  • Patrycja Nitipaisalkul

    I request:
    Hong Kong movie – All’s Well, ends well (Jui keung hei si), La Lingerie (Noi yi siu nui)
    Japanese movie – Helter Skelter, Worst by a chance (Guuzen ni mo saikaku na shounen), Keitai Kareshi Plus, I want to hold you (Dakishimetai), Fashion Hell, L et M – the reason I love you, other stories (Watashi ga anata wo aisuru riyuu, sono hoka no monogatari), Topless, Nude, The solution to the riddle will come after the diner (Nazotoki wa DINER no ato de) and Korean movie – Absolute boyfriend (Jeoldae genui).

  • Xiaoting Kara Li

    Japanese Drama “Tokyo Airport” – Ep.10 (Last Ep.)
    Thank You!

  • boristhespider

    Korean Drama- Goong S

  • kjw92

    Korean Drama – Can you hear my heart.

  • kim-jelly

    korean movie – Codename:Jackal

  • shay kerlin

    iris one please

  • tiya

    can I request Korean Drama – My Girl

  • Cyyjoanne

    Taiwanese drama – love actually 2012

  • Cyyjoanne

    Korean movie – love 911

  • niesa

    can I request korean drama still you

  • adelene

    korean drama – immortal classic

  • syana

    please upload korean drama – thorn flower korean drama 2013

  • syana

    korean drama – thorn flower 2013

  • Kdramaftw

    Hi, could you please fix “TIME SLIP DR JIN” from episode 10 onwards. pretty please. video doesnt load!

  • Niza Mahathir

    Korean Drama – Miss Ajumma

  • momon

    please .drama miss ajumma . pls pls

  • Ivy

    Korean Drama – Princess Hours

  • cryng

    korean drama mandate of heaven please!

  • kai2thjug00724

    please, please. upload KOREAN MOVIE – EVIL TWIN. *Park Shin Hye* … and please pm me when you have it. thank you so much!

  • Bujin

    indomitable daughters in law korean

  • cuartelaprecy

    can i request wish upon a star?

  • cuartelaprecy

    and also toast a taiwan series…

  • Bujin

    indomitable daughters in law

  • Cyril Chua

    Can I please request Always Korean Drama

  • clara

    can i request japanesse drama Kanojo wa Uso o Aishisugiteru. Thx

  • Jamal

    can I request wind and cloud season 1 and season 2. hongkong drama 2004.

  • feb

    korean drama-when spring kim nam gil i really wanted to watch all the movie of kim nam gil so pls am i hoping that it will be added this site…not only the i requested….

  • feb

    not only the one i requested pls added all the list of kim nam gil movie or drama whatever!

  • panda

    NORWEGIAN WOOD pleaseeeeee! =)

  • Mardiana

    I request ‘Dong Yi’ korean drama.

  • lala


  • Demie Alfeche

    Korean Drama – Nail Shop Paris (complete)

  • dl

    can i u upload secret of birth. thank you

  • dl

    can u upload secret of birth. thank you

  • liana

    Korean Drama – You’re Still The One @ Still You

  • diego

    Pls upload the secret of birth. Tnank you

  • diego

    Can u upload episode 4 5 6 7 8 of secret of birth.thank u

  • diego

    Korean drama-birth secret. Thank u.

  • diego

    Can I request korean drama. Birth Secret. Thank u.

  • Qazi Waqas

    story of a man plz check that drama

  • Qazi Waqas

    baek dong so realy good drama plz add da 1

  • Qazi Waqas


  • Qazi Waqas


  • Jenet Jaejoong

    Absolute Boyfriend Starring Goo Hye Sun and Jiro Wang

  • diego

    Thank for uploading birth secret but I cant watch it. Can u use videoweeds.

  • Aeri Mirae

    can i request princess hours-korean drama

  • Mark Anthony Pascua

    korean drama – shark and dating agency: cyrano
    thank a lot

  • Joan Mae Quiapo

    can i request korean drama HEIRS :) coz i want to watch heirs hehe

  • paul

    2009 japanese drama – reset

  • parisa

    korean drama – coffee prince

  • jubilee jubilee

    Please add the hong kong drama called “The Price of Greed” here so that people can watch it.

  • kop

    can i request-my husband got a family

  • Kimia kima

    Hi. could you please upload “Personal Taste” in other servers too? such as you did the other dramas. the server that you have posted “Personal Taste” on is blocked in my country. and there’s no other website that i could stream or download this drama from. Please.

  • Serena Lee

    Clear midsummer night ( yang mi & hawick lau), ru yi ( hawick and yang mi), sealed with a kiss ( hawivk lau)..please add

  • shane

    eg, Korean Drama – To The Beautiful You

  • liban

    The Age Of Warrior

  • priya

    Please post my girl korean dram

  • Putryyy

    I wanna quest Hana Yori Dango Season 2 please ^^

  • sam

    Korean Drama – Beethoven Virus

  • crystina

    can i request always smile

  • Gugurl’z

    Can i request ‘Don’t cry mummy’-full and with subtittles.

  • Erza Scarlet

    hoping to watch the fugitive plan b..pssssssssssssssssssssssss

  • Mai Hime

    korean drama- lovers in paris! PLEASE;)

  • Camila Hordones

    I wanted to request white robe of love!

  • Luxia

    Taiwanese Drama – The Legend of the crazy monk

    – The Legend of the crazy monk 2
    – The Legend of the crazy monk 3

  • iken

    can i request “kimi ni love song wo” and “Bokutachi after school” wherein Choshinsung starred on the said movies..

  • parisa

    Please complete drama Gu family book and nail shop Paris thanks

  • Ulil Octaliany

    Korean Drama – Late Blossom :)

  • Ulil Octaliany

    Korean Movie – Miracle in cell no.7

  • kit kit kats

    It Started with a Kiss the first season!!

  • Ray

    Korean Drama-When Tomorrow Comes S1

  • Selena ^^

    Taiwan drama- Dandelion love

  • nanette

    korean drama- Love rain

  • tiana

    korean drama- you’ve fallen for me

  • andrew

    I like this website alot

  • nazneen nasir khan

    hello is it possible for you guys to post a full episode of princess hours? its a korean drama… thank you so much

  • nazneen

    hello! requesting for a korean drama entitled PRINCESS HOURS i think it was released in 2006. thank you so so much

  • Lady Rhajmyrhh

    I humbly request for MY HUSBAND’S LOVER..

  • diyana

    hi….please complete japanes drama tsuma wa kunoichi …..thank you

  • diyana

    japanes drama – Takeda
    Shingen 1988

  • diyana

    japanes drama – Hana no
    Ran 1994

  • xsoulxmakax

    korean drama – secretly greatly

  • tn1

    can i request torihada Gekijo, tomio and twelve tenders killers? thanks

  • confetti

    Chinese drama – Article 22 of the Marriage Rules

  • diyana

    hi….compelet japanes drama – yae no sakura

  • priya

    plz upload secret garden Korean drama episode 16

  • Stacey

    Taiwanese drama- Just You

  • felix

    Korean Drama – I need a Fairy

  • MinHee

    Korean Drama – My Husband Got A Family / Unexpected You

  • She_Seohyun

    Can I request Seo Ji Hye Chunja’s Happiness aka Chunja’s Special Day and Kyou Koi Wo Hajimemasu Movie, A Problem at My Younger Brother’s House starring Kim Tae Hee, City of Glass starring Yoon So Yi. Thanks in advance.

  • asdfg

    dong yi – korean drama

  • miwi

    Just You – Taiwanese Drama

  • Helena Ribeiro

    Japanese drama: Fuma no Kojiro

  • sandy

    Taiwanese Drama- It Started With A Kiss

  • kimblezaare

    Japanese Movie – Kyou, Koi wo Hajimemasu

  • Ash

    Korean Drama – Snow White aka Taste Sweet Love or Baek Seol Gong Ju

  • CantWait D-3 CL♡

    Korean Drama- miss ripley

  • YonHwa

    Korean drama-Ugly Alert

  • sasukecooper

    Korean Movie – Barbie

  • sasukecooper

    Japanese Drama – Hana no Zubora Meshi

  • tyemot

    beautiful man – korean drama

  • Zel

    Taiwan Drama- Absolute Boyfriend

  • valhart

    Japanese Drama – Take Five

  • Jakir

    Incarnation ep 18 (With 2ne1)

  • Novy Meliana Laksanawati

    Korean Movie – The Gifted Hand aka Psychometry

  • tya niezzt

    japanese drama, Fighting girl starring kyoko fukada,, really want to watch it,, ^_^thx

  • Lunette Ann

    korean drama – princess hours
    japanese drama – summer nude :)

  • sattarzadegan

    can i request korean drama the great queen seondeok in Yodrama

  • karen

    Koren Drama – Lovers in Paris

  • karen

    Korean Drama – Thank You

  • Hana

    korean drama – “New Tales of Gisaeng”

  • T Lawson

    Taiwanese drama- KO One Re-act

  • dekre Tzgresd

    Japanese-Usagi Drop live action

  • NonZura

    Korean Drama – She’s WOW

  • rulezz95

    korean movie-secretly and greatly

  • mozkee

    can i request for heavens fate.. or lotus fairy flower

  • rulezz95

    korean movie-secretly and greatly

  • ifah

    More than blue korean movie
    2009 please..

  • ifah

    korean movie 2009 “more than blue”

  • kaisa

    drama koreano_ pure hearts

  • Mute

    Japanese Drama- Seito Shokun!

  • caroline

    Awfully Lawful (Hong Kong drama)

  • jeff

    dream high season 1 & fashion king i cannot find it?
    please! THANK YOU.

  • ekiimmmm

    itazura na kiss love in tokyo episode 16…

  • sweet fairy

    korean drama coffee prince

  • Teenz

    Hello, im wanting to request for the drama The fugitive plan b. This is the movie with Bi rain and Daniel in it please 😀

  • Lina Nur S

    I’d like to request Minna ESPer Dayo! because the main cast is Shota Sometani, I love his acting and his unique charm, even though he’s a bit shot, but cute…and his acting is making me plz,,grant my wish…thx a lot b4…

  • yaadein samir

    i request the incoming drama “Who Are You” on tvN channel

  • Hannah Marie

    can i request episode 37 of you’re the best lee soon shin

  • foose edward

    cinderella man 2009

  • Hikari

    I want Ai Ore Love Me Live action movie ^_^Y

  • SJ♥

    Taiwan Drama – Love Touch :)

  • xozeldaoxx

    Japanese Drama – Sexy Voice and Robo!!!!!!

  • rohana

    can I request drama A Tale of Two Sister (Sincerity Moves to Heaven)

  • Just

    Japanese Drama – Tantei Gakuen Q
    Japanese Movie – Furuhata Chuugakusei Special
    Japanese Movie- Confessions
    Japanese Drama- Himitsu no Hanazono

  • Mute

    Japanese Drama- RESET
    Japanese Drama- Yomino Kimonya Monogatari 2009 Spring Special

  • JDrama Lover

    Japanese Drama – ST Keishichou Kagaku Tokusouhan

  • n

    japanese drama – pin to kona

  • lyn

    can i request the Joseon trio of beauties or the huntresses Korean movie 2013

  • AinaaRainLavigne

    ~ can I request running man and strong heart .. please !!~~ 😀 thank you ..

  • Hannah Marie

    can i request episode 39 of you’re the best lee soon shin

  • Lina Nur S

    I’d like to request Japanese Drama – Miss Boys (Casted by Yuki Furukawa from Itazuna kiss LIT)

  • Fan

    Japanese Drama-Koisuru Hae Onna

  • ※ Neko LaChaun ※

    Japanese drama – Gokusen season 2 and 3
    Japanese drama – Bloody Monday 1 and 2

  • Zamruth

    Chinese Drama – My daughter

  • amamiyuki fan

    Japanese drama – rikon bengoshi 1,2

  • pratima

    can you upload baby faced beauty- korean drama plz

  • pratima

    can you also put these horror movies or dramas
    1) shutter
    2) ghastly
    3) i miss you-thai horror
    thank you

  • Latifah

    Late Blossom, please

  • shiela alis

    japanese drama: majo no jouken

  • kimsour chea

    can i request sunny 2011 – Korean Movie

  • Dianne

    Japanese Drama – Pin to Kona (2013)

  • eunji

    Korean variety show-we got married

  • priya

    city conquest

  • nazalin

    Japanese drama – My destiny or Watashi no Unmei

  • Lina Nur S

    j drama – pin to kona plz…

  • CrownHeiress

    Korean Drama – Beethoven Virus

  • fangirl

    Japanese Movie – Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo: Hong Kong Kowloon Satsujin Jiken

  • booklover

    Korean Drama-Sweet Springs (also known as Sincerity is the way to heaven/A tale of a two sisters)

  • val1969

    i like to request 2 historical dramas i have only been able to find bits and pieces to the dramas
    1. the great king sejong
    2.the ballad of suh dong.

  • allen

    love rain season 2..the best drama ever

  • elga

    my girl – korean drama

  • asri

    korean drama – sincerity is the way of heaven/sweet spring

  • Tasnim

    Japanese Drama- Ougon no Buta: Watashitachi ga Haratta Zeikin wo Oe!

  • aish

    korean drama ugly alert

  • choi seyeong

    Korean drama-sweet springs/sincerity moves heaveb

  • aza

    Korean drama – Who Are You (SoE-Hyun & TaecYeon)

  • diyana

    japanes drama – Toshiie
    to Matsu 2002

  • Hyehyun

    Hong kong/Chinese drama – Handsome siblings (Dicky Cheung and Nicholas Tse)

  • kira

    korean drama- sweet springs/ sincerity moves heaven/ a tale of 2 sisters

  • jack blade

    can i request Dragon Zakura, japan drama

  • Hannah Marie

    Korean Drama-You’re The Best Lee Soon Shin episode 43-44

  • runnaosman

    korean drama – only because it’s you

  • val1969

    i would like to request drama love in heaven release date 2005 one of my favorites

  • YaniKent

    Korean Drama – The Women of Our Home

  • nazan yoldaş

    korean drama wives first clüb

  • Pascale Phelines-Francois

    just you taiwanese drama



  • Jennifer Cheng

    Korean drama – A Tale of 2 Sisters. Thank you.

  • Yeon Hwa

    Korean Drama – Adolescence Medley

  • Labby

    Koream Drama- Shoot for the Stars

  • Tsering Sherpa

    can anybody upload worLd’s within 2008 korean drama?

  • ghazal

    can i request SAD LOVE drama?

  • whengdivah

    adolescence medley please please!!!

  • Linda Eskeli

    Korea Drama – Samsaeng. 2013

  • Renkon-Chan

    Korean Drama – “Sincerity Moves Heaven”. (KBS)

  • sana

    I”d like to request, Korean Drama – 2 weeks

  • hyunessa

    can i request a korean drama “ugly alert “2013

  • Blazore Sagadal

    can i request korean drama -Crime Squad (detectives in trouble)

  • susan

    I would be glad if you upload love keeps going (full) in English subtitles thank you

  • Shiroi Yuki

    Request drama Kamen Teacher, Zekkyou Gakkyuu (Movie), Pintokona, Kyou no hi wasayounara (Ohno Satoshi + Yamada Ryousuke).. I’ll be waiting.. Arigatou Gozaimasu.. :)

  • Clip Flip Slip

    Can I request a Korean Drama? The title is “Brilliant Legacy”

  • fara

    I would like to request ONLY BECAUSE IT’S YOU / I LOVE YOU by SBS

  • Jimmy

    I like to watch White Lies Korea Drama. So many thanks.

  • lauraaraquel

    Japanese Drama – Pin to Kona

  • ines

    I would like to request for Sandglass (Hangul: 모래시계; RR: Mo-rae-shi-gae; also known as The Hourglass). I couldn’t find it in any other online website. Can you please up load it in your website. Thank you.

  • Cecile

    Korean Drama – The Great Queen Seon Duk

  • chiemin

    korean drama-man of honor

  • rinnie

    Korean Drama – Happy! rose day

  • kimee

    japanese movie – Hero 2007

  • marsh

    korean drama special – Happy! Rose Day

  • kusmuti

    korean drama – South of the Sun (2003)

  • jacquen

    hi.. can I request for korean movie THE CANE that’s 2010…

  • Michie Sangra

    Hi ^_^ can i request for SECRET 2 starring Jay Chou?

  • rennie234

    Hi looking for korean drama daring women? can u upload it and have subs thanks..

  • Methe

    Japanese Drama- Kyo no Hi wa Sayonara

  • yeye

    can i request for The King and I?

  • ChisaJu

    Japanese Drama _ Amachan
    I was in Japan last week and everyone was watching it!! Even though I couldn’t understand everything, such a cool drama ♡
    Thanks for your subs 😉

  • Xiena

    Korean Drama – We Got Married

  • Josh

    Korean Drama – April Kiss

  • yodrama
  • Isalei Tupai Fiaui

    can i request Her Legend episode 6

  • Samara

    korean drama (sitcom) – standby 2012

  • hobbitgrl

    Taiwanese Drama – Borrow Your Love eps 10-13

  • Ces

    Can I request Kamen Teacher of Fujigaya Taisuke. This is very interesting Japanese TV Drama. In the said drama where elements of action hero and school drama will be mixed, Fujigaya will play the role of “Masked Teacher” where he will also perform some motorcycle stunts aided with special effects.

  • Rachel

    korean movie – A Millionare’s First love
    korean movie – You are my pet
    korean movie – Spellbound

  • epoil

    crystal boy with english sub from taiwan drama

  • Ainn HanaOnew

    i really wants to see marriage plot you have it?

  • naobi

    korean drama – hello, miss

  • A.M Louise

    can i request the thorn bird please … I want to watch this drama …

  • Gayang

    Japanese Drama – Pin To Kona

  • Alicia Lynn Carter

    Take Care of the Lady Korean drama from 2009

  • KimWooBinLover

    korean drama 2009 – take care of the young lady

  • Alvin Delacruz

    please upload the Sharp1

  • Alvin Delacruz

    please upload SHARP1

  • Sage Lingatong

    Taiwanese Drama – Hana Kimi

  • park ae chan

    Spellbound (Chilling Romance)- korean movie 2011

  • chandra

    Korean drama – Heirs ..

    • yodrama

      upload soon.

  • Attitude

    Japanese Drama – Pin to kona && Kamen Teacher please!

  • Novy Meliana Laksanawati

    Korean Movie: Cold Eyes and Secretly Greatly

  • kael24

    Korean Drama – Baby-faced Beauty

  • PeteoPan

    Korean Drama – Take Care of the Young Lady
    Thank you.

  • quer

    can i request for wish upon a star- korean drama

  • kitty

    korean movie fly high 2009

  • Pat Tan

    Taiwanese drama – Romance in the Palace : Princess Meili

  • Just

    Japanese Drama- Keizoku 2: SPEC

    Japanese Drama Special-SPEC sho

    Japanese Movie- SPEC Heaven (SPEC:天)

  • cess

    Wish upon a star

  • J MN Sarah

    “kpop survival” can i request??? :)

  • fitriana

    can i request the birth of a family (korean drama) ,please?thx before :) ~^^

  • sheryll

    can i request HEIRS korean drama 2013

    • yodrama

      upload soon. stay tune with us :)

  • Bella Abayon

    Korean Drama – Wish Upon a Star

  • Enzymi Sanusi

    Korean Drama – Cinderella Man, You Are My Destiny

  • dizzygem

    Korean Drama ~ The Thorn Bird

  • amel algeria

    i would like to request THE HEAIRS korean drama 2013, and if it would be available as soon as they broadcast it in octobre 2013, thanks =D

    • yodrama

      upload soon. :)

  • abby

    can I request the korean variety show with kim hee sun and shin dongyuop, it’s called “Hwashin” it’s currently airing . thank you

  • krystal

    Korean drama – Stars Falling From the Sky :)

  • Novy Meliana Laksanawati

    Can I request Secretly Greatly – Korean Movie 2013

  • Lady

    can I request for Ooku Dai-shou (Japanese drama, 2004)?

  • iloveJpopandKpop

    Korean variety show- running man

  • Guest

    can i request Two Father (Liang Ge Ba Ba),,?

  • Puz Phiet

    can i request Two Father (Liang Ge Ba Ba)-taiwan drama 2013

  • choki

    hai.. can i request taiwanese drama – unconditional love ( found it on orentialsubs , that blog dx hve watching drama/the video by online) thanks you..please

  • maleng

    rays of sunshine / sunshine of love

  • ▼▲AyuPlainjane▲▼

    can i request boa new drama~”Hope for dating”.?

  • jami

    wirrio baek dong soo

  • sofisofi

    can i request please for goddess of marriage..? :) thank you

  • Perla Nazareno

    Request please. Korean TV Drama – Did we really love?

  • Charlotte Melton

    Korean drama – Passionate Love

  • Charlotte Melton

    Korean Movie – Always

  • Charlotte Melton

    Korean movie – sympathy for lady vengeance

  • Charlotte Melton

    kjw asked for can you hear my heart below, but on the link, the video doesn’t work

  • Ma Elena Prudente

    can i request playful kiss edition 2

  • sani

    We got married kim hyun joong & hwang bo

  • Glo-Ann

    Brilliant Legay Pls.. :)

  • Amal Zaïßi

    heirs- korian drama 2013 plz

  • Amal Zaïßi

    god of study-korian drama 2010

  • flower

    Korean Drama – The First Born

  • Minn Omar

    Welcome to royal villa. it is sitcom actually. Hope you can upload it! Thank You :)

  • RENI


  • Binnie

    Korean Drama – A Tale of Two Sisters / Sincerity Is The Way to Heaven / Sweet Springs

  • Yulia

    1. Korean Movie – Madeleine

    2. Korean Movie – The Messenger

  • Lee

    “Silenced” with Gong Yo

  • insensitive

    sweet springs please

  • ming

    korean drama bride of the sun

  • insensitive

    korean drama- sweet springs

  • yang inu


  • syaz

    korean drama – the painter of the wind (2008)

  • Min Jee Kim

    Korean Movie – A Company Man
    Thank you ^^ I love your site =)

  • Min Jee Kim

    I forgot to request a drama:
    Korean Drama – Ugly Alert

  • emerald

    Korean Drama – Loving You
    Korean Drama – The Snowqueen
    Korean Drama – Spring day

  • Tone Bianca

    Japanese movie – yori Hana dango with english subtitles

  • kim jung el

    can i request korean drama – sunlight pour down

  • Yukihime

    I would like to request the japanese Dramas “Fallen Angel” and “Suzuki Seinsei”
    I searched everywhere to watch them with eng sub but couldn’t find them. please, youre my last hope *bow* ^-^

  • Elizabeth

    I would like to request for Korean Drama – Dong Yi please!
    If not would you all know of any links to watch that in Eng Subs?

  • LeeMaira

    boys over flower 2

  • Kamani Dissanayake

    I like to watch Calla, The barefooted youth , popcorn, See breeze.. please upload those for us.. please. thank you so much

  • Gabishi

    Japanese Drama -Ikebukuro West Gate Park

  • fatma

    taiwanese drama- just you

  • yatishah.hisham

    I want wacthing drama korea no problem webpage

  • la3ema

    korean drama – the heirs

  • Reni Fahadi Iskandar

    can i request meteor garden 1 & 2

  • mika

    can i request Korean drama The wedding scheme. thank you

  • Livia

    Would to request korean drama, Dummy mom / my blessed mom

  • silvia

    sorry, can i request prince coffie???? korean drama 2007, i couldn’t see yesterday…. please….

  • Mazlina Yahaya

    baby faced beauty -korean drama

  • Diah

    Korean drama 2008 – Iljimae

  • Guest

    city conquest ,heirs

  • rwan tedi

    korean drama :- city conquest and heirs

  • E.L.

    Korean Drama – Potato Star 2013QR3

  • mia

    Korean Drama- Wish upon a star or stars falling from the sky

  • Ellecor Ovita

    one mom and three dads

  • dimas rahmat

    japanese drama – yamada and the seven witches

  • dealova

    korea drama memories in bali

  • iloveJpopandKpop

    Korean drama-heirs

  • Naomi Hyuga

    korean drama – Thank You

  • May Lee

    korean drama the accidental couple… other alternative names : that fool, that dummy.
    please??? this drama was released on 2009 and up till now, i am still searching for it.. please? thanks..

  • gadyz

    korean drama – passionate love-

  • Doris Wong Soon

    can i request the Korean Drama- My Girl. please

  • Cossette Rosario

    Korean Drama – King’s Daughter Soo Baek Hyang

    can you upload the video of King Daughter Soo Baek Hyang ep. 1 pls…………………. thanks ^_^



  • gadyz

    can i request korean drama – passionate love

  • Cossette Rosario

    Korean Drama – King’s Daughter Baek Soo Hyang
    pls……… thanks

  • khin soe soe win

    may i request korean mmovie -Secretly Greatlyby english subtitle

  • pure17

    prosecuter princess

  • zznbena

    can i requet That fool korean drama pleeeeease

  • nadia meilin

    i’d like to request for a taiwan drama momo love ok thank’s

  • javina

    korean drama- sincerity move to heaven

  • chatex aya

    can i request the hiers?

  • IamIseul

    korean drama – Dong Yi

  • Ivanna Jiushiainl Meluvbluerox

    Hong Kong Drama- 讀心神探

  • Ivy

    Taiwanese drama – family harmony

  • DraMarathoner

    Korean Drama – Jang Gil San.

  • Kerse

    Taiwanese Drama – Godfather in Pink
    Mainland Drama – Butterfly Lovers
    Japanese Drama – Great Teacher Onizuka 2012

  • amy8180

    Korean drama – marry him if you dare

  • Amal Zaïßi

    korian drama-heirs

  • Cella Lee

    korean drama-
    The Inheritors

  • arjun

    please upload the good docter episodes 19 and so on as soon as possible………

  • erriche

    can u upload Mr.Goodbye where Lee Bo Young starred. thanks

  • Syasya

    Taiwanese drama – Ko One Re-act

  • apersonondisqus

    Japanese Drama – Bokura ni Ai wo (1995), 僕らに愛を

  • Asmaa Hamed

    please upload Taiwanese drama turn around and say i love you – starring choi siwon

  • sara

    Korean Movie – Silenced/Crucible

  • lala

    Chinese Drama – King of Lan Ling

  • Guest

    Hi… do you know any drama about time travels? like Dr.Jin and rooftop prince?

  • Nin 40

    Hi… do you know any drama about time travels? like Dr.Jin and rooftop prince?

  • cecile

    can i request Passionate Love of SNSD Seohyun and The Inheritors of Lee Min Ho

  • cecile


  • Radhika

    can i request
    Korean Drama-heirs

  • Jane Laurio

    Korean Drama – The Heirs

  • Aish

    Korean Drama – Heirs

  • shalama

    can i request for a drama by the name of ” Heirs”…. plzzzz

  • Charlotte Melton

    Korean Movie – The flu
    Please put this one can’t find it anywhere but the trailers and images look amazing!!

  • Dinya Antony

    Korean drama-Gu Family book Ep.25 and above

  • zax

    Japanese Drama – Resident ~ 5 Nin no Kenshui

  • ella

    Korean drama – Babyface beauty

  • Sashi

    What happen to the remaining series for “Who are you” and “Gu Am Heo Joon”

  • raa

    Please upload i need romance 2 episodes

  • jacque

    can i request HOICHORI (2011)- korean movie…
    please…gomao :)

  • Nana

    Korean Movie – Red Shoes

  • Ritu

    Japanese Movie: Kyou, Koi wo Hajimemasu (Movie)

  • kaila

    can i request korean drama-marry him if you dare

  • Hidayah

    Korean drama – the birth of a family

  • aish

    Korean Drama – Marry him if you dare

  • mai

    korean drama- Marry Him If You Dare aka Future Choice

  • Doris Wong Soon

    Korean Drama- City Conquest

  • fanny

    Can I request Korean Drama – Mina
    Thank You

  • shweta bhandar

    korean drama 2012 take care of us,captain

  • rhea

    korean drama – looking forward to romance

  • Ï Lôvê Ýöù

    Korean Drama – Gumiho Tale of Fox’s Child

  • lucy jake

    Can i request Korean Drama – Mirae’s Choice

  • lee hyerin

    korean drama – babyface beauty

  • Jang Mi Ra

    Korean Drama-Master of study

  • yat

    korean drama-7th grade civil servant

  • yat

    korean drama-the king of ambition

  • sashi

    What happen to “The Legend” Gu Am Heo Jun & Who are you

    Where is the series gone to

  • KJ

    japanese movie- craws zero 3

  • Amal Zaïßi

    god of study-korian drama

  • john

    can i request take care of the young lady aka my fair lady

  • Charlie Ponte

    please can i request paradise kiss

  • sha

    Korean drama – operational proposal

  • asha

    korean drama – operational proposal

  • Cossette Rosario

    Chinese Drama – One and a Half Summer.

  • Anthony Mallik

    Can I request Korean Movie – Caribbean Bay please.

  • ega hergian

    korean drama – princess’ man
    korean drama – the painter of the wind

  • ega hergian

    Korean Drama – Painter of the Wind
    Korean Drama – Princess’ Man

  • MinChu

    Japanese Drama – Miss Pilot (2013)

  • kaname26

    korean drama – goddess of fire (new links please, current links are not working) thanks!

  • iloveKdrama

    can i request for IRIS season 1 plsss??

  • dealova

    korea drama – lover in paris…

  • Kana

    Can you please make Lover drama in HD version please

  • RiaNa NaNu

    korean drama ‘ the birth of family ‘ pleaseeeeeee

  • ML

    korean movie – always (so ji sub)

  • Chelot

    The Heirs- Episode 7 please!

    • Charlotte Melton

      It hasn’t come out on TV yet – We have to wait till it airs, this website gives the dramas quickly so don’t worry :) It is on Wednesdays and Thurdays

  • Shamima

    can i request korean drama 2001 – hotelier ( Bae Yong Jun & Song Hye Kyo )

  • gadyz

    can i request – no breathing korean movie 2013

  • Amy

    Can i request korean drama – The birth of a family/Family ties please.

  • jhane

    Korean drama-wonderful life.

  • jie

    korean drama 2012-2013 The birth of a family. thkq

  • usuala

    Can I request for The birth of the family…

  • fpluss

    korean drama – endless love/autumn in my heart (2000)

  • zai

    korean drama- the birth of a family plezzzzz

  • usuala

    I request Korean drama… Birth of the family

  • fotinitsaou

    what about the rest of glass mask??

  • hyunjiyoon

    Korean Movie – Death Bell 1 & 2
    Korean Movie – No Breathing

  • hyunjiyoon

    Korean movie – No Breathing
    Korean Movie – Death Bell 1 & 2

  • Poe Nge Oo

    I would like to watch The Heirs Next Episode as soon as possible.

  • Cossette Rosario

    Korean Drama – Empress Ki / Hwatu.

  • shasha

    korean movie – budapest diary

  • shashaa

    korean movie – budapest diary

  • jdm

    can i request Thailand drama.

  • farha

    request for variety show ‘ real man’



  • loren

    korean drama – my daughter flower

  • Devy Kumiko

    korean drama- the wowan who wants to marry

  • siti

    Can I req drama the birth of the family

  • Serly

    can i request yoon se ah’s drama – you are so pretty – 2011

  • Amelia

    Japanese Movie – Library Wars

  • Yo Fans

    please ! upload it as much as possible ! cant wait :)

  • Yo Fans

    Korean Drama – Flower Boy Next Door
    Can i request the remaining last episodes after the especial Episodes ! thanks

  • sofia

    Please upload “I live in Cheongdamdong” Thank You

  • Cossette Rosario

    Korean Drama – Golden Rainbow.

  • manny

    can i request a kdrama title is “billie jean, look at me. the actore is lee ji-hoon.

  • sakurasaau

    when new episode the heirs will be update?

  • fhe

    can I request -my daughter,the flower-korean

  • Kachina Edgcumbe

    Japanese Drama – Tokyo Toy Box

    Chinese Drama – King Of Lan ling Wang

    if you could add these two dramas that would be great.

  • M L

    korean movie- always pleaaaase

  • moriael

    CAn I ask please, where are the old mysoju site dramas? Will I be able to watch them again?
    thank you

  • ineshosni

    young gee glory days, plz

  • Angel War

    Korean Drama – Birth of a Family

  • sakurasaau

    when should the heirs will be update???

  • Satyari Dewi

    i request japanese drama , One Litre Of Tears please

  • raku

    japanese drama – otto no kanojyo

  • gummy

    i want to request the birt of a family..

  • mokucka

    Whistling Princess / The Hidden Princess korean movie 2002

  • mokucka

    korean movie 2002- Whistling Princess / The Hidden Princess – please :)

  • Kpop Tee

    can i request full house take2? Korean drama? :)

  • Dramep

    Can I request Korean Drama 2012 – My husband’s got a family, otherwise known as Unexpected You. With eng subs. Thankyou :)

  • chayeechai

    Korean Movie – Jackal is Coming / Codename: Jackal

  • Nhana

    Can I request Brilliant Legacy – korean drama

  • atura

    Korean drama – My Daughter the Flower

    • halca

      pretty please

  • M Bilal

    Will you please upload this drama “Here Comes Oh Ja-Ryong”…

  • khim


  • maelim

    Korean Movie – The Face Reader

  • kathy

    can i you add the Goong Z… thanks

  • Fadhlin Sakinah Shahril Azlan


    Korean drama – The Heir

  • Osagi

    Why u remove The Heirs from browse??????????????????????

  • Guest

    Why you remove The Heirs from browse???????it’s so disapointed

  • Osag

    Why you remove The Heirs from browse????it’s so disapointed

  • Lee MIn Ah

    Hi..can you add the korean drama MY LOVE’s an old drama,but I have watched the episodes 1-5..when i reached episode 6, There were no english subs anymore..please add this drama,I just want to finish it..thank you!!!

  • Lee MIn Ah

    Korean drama- My love patzzi.

  • bigfoot

    can i request a night before wedding or marriage blue movie

  • athena

    meteor garden

  • dramacrazy

    Korean drama – romance town

  • ain sk

    Korean Movie – The Commitment (2013)

  • LoveKorean

    Korean drama – The birth of a Family..

  • Jang Mi Ra

    Can I request Korean Drama – Romance Town

  • Nicoliza

    Kindly upload ” King Sejong the Great” Thank you so much in advances

  • Pedro Ivan Marin Morales

    gto great teacher o…


    Korean Drama – Phoenix (Passionate Goodbye)


    Chinese Drama – One and A Half Summer (Nickhun)

  • Nadhirah22

    Korean Movie-our heaven (Hong Ki)

  • smiley

    will you upload for the commitment – korean movie?

  • lea

    korean drama – the birth of a family

  • Mimonster

    Scent of a woman

  • Riska

    Can I request korean drama 2005 “Wedding”

  • Muhammad Bilal

    Korean Movies-Punch,Tough As Ion .

  • Cryn79

    Can I request for the remaining episodes 9-11 for Japanese Drama- Kekkon Shinai ? Thanks!

  • nss

    korean drama – my dauhter the flower

    • nss

      #daughter not dauhter

  • jen

    can i request futari? story about the 2 sister thanks

  • annanguyen

    Can i request Juvenile Offender – Korean Movie 2012

  • Cossette Rosario

    Korean Drama – After School Bokbulbok .

  • yuni

    hi can I request ‘Miss Repley’ by Park yoochun please….

  • zoohey

    may i ask for Kindaichi Kosuke vs. Akechi Kogoro

  • chacha

    i request please upload the episode of the rubi ring and
    The Ghost-Seeing Detective Cheo Yong (2013)

  • chacha

    please please please i request please upload the episode of the rubi ring and The Ghost-Seeing Detective Cheo Yong (2013)

  • Tikboy Angot Ramos

    Korean Drama – Winter Sonata/Winter Love Story

  • Tantri

    Can I request Bel Ami – Korean Drama 2013, thank you

  • kgomez91

    Love Letter 2008 Japanese drama

  • iloveKdrama

    pls upload PRETTY MAN pls yodrama been waiting for this!! :)

  • reachel

    unemployed romance (korean drama) please

  • clearfrog

    Korean Drama – K-POP Extreme Survival

  • 芊颖 Nirah 키안잉

    Korean Movie – Commitment

  • aya

    can you pls upload the return of iljimae. thank you

  • LOra

    Can i request The Heirs…thanks

  • nurfaizah

    i want to request japanese drama-mei chan no shitsuji/mei’s butler

  • selexie

    Japanese Drama- Sugarless (episode 4 is missing)

  • Shark

    Korean Drama – Golden Fish
    Japanese Drama – Nemureru Mori no Jykujyo

  • Joji Zaragoza Zamudio

    taiwan drama- love family

  • Joji Zaragoza Zamudio

    i want to request taiwan dramas Women on the breadfruit tree Love me or leave me
    Love before They are flying The fierce wife

  • tameka

    japanese drama like pin to kona

  • Huda

    Please add the player which support iphone in all dramas 😀

  • mean

    Korean Drama – Stairway to Heaven

  • mean

    Korean Drama – My fair Lady

  • Marshmallow

    Korean Drama – Summer Scent

  • DramaLover

    Can i request My Girl (Korean Drama)

  • lin_linda

    korean drama – reply 1994

  • Dian

    I know this is not a drama or movie, but can I request SBS Survival Autdition KPOP Star Season 3, please?

  • Nekolita

    Japanese Drama – Atashinchi No Danshi, please! I’ve looked everywhere!

  • mari

    Korean Movie – No Breathing.

  • Silvyra

    Hello Yo Drama……………

    I’m gad to find your website……… please add love family taiwanese drama Engsub……………..pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    Best Regards

  • Robiatul Adawiyah

    Can I Request EXO`s Showtime?? Please~^^

  • lily

    Korean drama that come out monday- Well Brought Up Daughter Hana

  • Honey

    Korean movie – penny pinchers

  • Seohyun

    Can I request The Queen Of The SOP II.Thank you.

  • melle permejo

    Korean Drama – Noonas Over Flowers

  • melle permejo

    Please load Noona Over Flowers – Korean Variety show :) thanks

  • hafifi

    prime minister and i

  • Ann

    Hi!!! Can I request this one: xiaoju’s autumn
    (小菊的秋天 )
    Please and Thank you, with English, Spanish or Italian subtitles, I don’t speak mandarin or Cantonese :(

    • Ann

      Chinese series!!

  • gaby

    all aout eve – korean drama

  • Gee Sarifah

    Perfect Couple/Jin Yu Liang Yuan (chinese drama) 2013

  • Gee Sarifah

    i really want to watch Perfect Couple/Jin Yu Liang Yuan (chinese drama) 2… JUST HAVE D TRAILER…plezzzzz

  • Caitlin♂

    May I request Japanese drama – Gochisosan

  • selexie

    Japanese Drama- Sugarless-episode 4 missing

  • umizulaikah

    Can i request pretty boy-new korean drama 2013..

  • TOP

    can i request yubikoi kimi ni okuru (uula tv drama) – japanese drama-2013

  • Claire Formosa

    Taiwan drama– In a good way

  • Nur Safiah

    Can I request a movie entitled Runway Cop (Detective Cha) starred by Kang JiHwan and Sung Yuri. Tq ^^

  • Nur Safiah

    Korean movie – runway cop (detective cha)

  • ctz

    Korean drama – The Princess’s man

  • aqt

    can you upload you came from the stars drama..would really love to watch that one =) thanks so much! you guys are awesome!!

  • urban princezz

    Please upload “Billie Jean, Look at me” (Korean Drama). Thank you & God bless!!! ^_^

  • rafonda

    The Floating Castle is a 2012 Japanese historical-drama film directed by Shinji Higuchi and Isshin Inudo, starring Mansai Nomura

  • Alaina

    I want to request this drama called New Tales of Gisaeng. If you can post the speedy joe links, it would be very awesome!

  • Levz Saria Silmete

    korean drama-prime minister and i

    thank u… :)

  • Nuraina Azryn Saranghaeyo

    Japanese Movie – High School Debut

  • Nuraina Azryn Saranghaeyo

    Japanese Movie – Beyond the Memories

  • Nuraina Azryn Saranghaeyo

    Japanese Drama – Miss Double Faced Teacher

  • myra

    can I watch meteor garden here?

  • lily

    Japanese drama – rikon bengonshi (season 1 & 2)

  • bilal

    Korean Drama- Park Jung Kum, Heavenly Beauty

  • mimi_93

    can i request korean drama – the birth of family and my daughter the flower . TQ .

  • mikarinyuuu

    korean drama – princess aurora

  • Aikee

    Taiwanese Drama – Love or bread

  • LIB

    Taiwan movie-Linsanity

  • Lya Leighton

    Hong Kong Drama- suspects in love (2010

  • Myla Tipton

    Hong Kong Drama- The season of fate (2010)

  • Tiara Menzies

    Hong Kong Drama- Virtues of harmony 1 and 2

  • miazara

    korean drama – reply to 1994

  • mikarilou

    Korean drama – Princess Aurora (MBC)

  • Phantom

    how to dowmload this King’s Daughter Su Baek Hyang movie?

  • gie

    STYLE 2009

  • abui tsikata

    Can I request Masquerade Korean movie?

  • Rahila Hassan

    Can I request Dong Yi

  • Hasmah

    japanese movie – kitaro & millennium curse

  • Hasmah

    japanese drama – i am ghost

  • Dian asriyanti

    Bokutachi no Kogen Hotel (our kogen hotel) please?

  • Katie Mon

    Can i request Chinese Drama – The Butterfly Lovers 2007 with English sub, please. I can’t find full episodes anywhere online. thank you. :)

  • Ellie

    The 2004 Korean Drama “Land” with Kim Hyun Joo

  • zahra

    Korean drama titled “my girl” please!!!

  • Smilechrizzeh

    The Dramatic – korean drama 2013 (7 episodes only!) 😀
    EXO’s showtime
    In HD if possible ^^

  • Guest

    I want to request Korean Movie/ Drama – Secretly, Greatly

  • Sabrina Nguyen

    Korean Drama/ Movie – Secretly, Greatly

  • Latt Latt

    can i request korean drama 2012( It was love or Maybe Love)

  • Putri Aisah

    i want to request atashinchi no danshi – japanese movie ( 2009 )

  • nimn

    can i request movie miracle in cell no. 7?

  • naz

    Korean drama- A thousand days promise

  • Bonita Elmerrilia

    Would u like upload “Smile Mom” (Korean drama 2010) please….

  • b2uty_ssya

    can i request – “20’s” / “twenty years old”drama starring lee kikwang :))

  • Ray

    Can I request for a japanese movie called ”Messiah” ?

  • honey

    korean drama – your lady

  • shayne

    korean drama – 20’s/twenty years old

  • L-Vita

    korean drama – my daughter the flower

  • budak lala

    Could you please use video hosting videoweed or yourupload for drama One Warm Word. My Uni wont allow other video hosting other than these two.

  • sexy888

    green forest taiwan blockbuster series

  • Umiejat

    Korean Movie – Santa Barbara

  • SARA

    i want to request j-drama HONEY & CLOVER

  • EliShin

    Korean Movie – Penny Pincher

  • EliShin

    Korean Drama – Sad Sonata

  • EliShin

    Korean Movie – Penny Pincher

  • un

    Korean Drama – Your Neighbor’s Wife

  • Payeng

    Amor De Tarapaca 2004 Korean-Chinese drama. The main casts are Eli Shih and Ruby Lin.

  • Justyna

    Korean TV SHOW – Hello Baby? I wanted to watch season 2 with SHINee the most but I also wants to watch others… and I didn’t saw that on this page. Please…. and thank you ^^ PS I really like this page!!!

  • yuri’s fan

    korean movie – no breathing eng sub

  • aysha

    korean drama Dae Mul 2010 please

  • shine

    japanese drama – miss pilot episode 11(final episode)

  • shine

    japanese drama – Miss pilot episode 11 (final)

  • maria

    can I request Korean drama ‘only you’

  • khat mustaffa

    Korean Drama – Loving you a thousand times

  • MeMe

    Korean Drama- A Well Grown Daughter, Hana. Kansamnida!

  • MeMe

    Korean Drama- A Well Grown Daughter, Hana. Kansamnida!

  • jhogratz

    can i request heartstrings 2

  • just me

    i like to request the chinese period drama, Lai Bu Ji Shuo Wo Ai Ni, english it’s called
    To late to say i love you,i would be very grateful to be able to watch this entire drama with english subs. thanks

  • Ayumu

    Korean Sitcom – Vampire Idol. Thank you.

  • EliShin

    East of Eden – Korean Drama

  • charenton

    Can i request korean drama : two days one night season 1 (with lee seung gi in the shows) and strong heart please :)

  • Leong Lee

    movie “The Miracles of Cell No.7”

  • gita

    korean drama – my husband got a family

  • sgcphils

    korean movie Silenced starring Gong Yoo

  • yoyo

    Korean Drama – Glass Mask (2013)

  • luna

    may i request Japanese drama- Tenshi no Koi (My Rainy Days)

  • izanurejap

    running man?

  • sabawy

    can you please upload korean drama-rainbow romance

  • Esther0528

    Korean drama – Your Lady

  • Jane

    Korean Drama – Midas

  • aimee ancheta

    we got married

  • aimee ancheta

    korean variety show- we got married plssss

  • aimeeancheta

    korean variety show-we got married adam couple plsssssss

  • lovekorea

    may i request MULAN

  • sietiey86

    anyone know korean drama or movie storyline about male professor falls in love with his student..tq…

  • Ying Hui

    can i request japanese drama- Team Medical Dragon 4

  • catherine123456

    HD versions please

  • Gigigurl2005

    Request for a new 2013 Korean Movie – No Breathing! thank u ;D

  • topazeye

    japanese drama-49

  • hamlet

    korean drama- finding love

  • Nadzirah Abdul Rahman

    Korean Drama – My Daughter The Flower

  • kiefshi1056

    even so love (kim ji ho) yr 2007

  • kiefshi1056

    jeong or my love (yr 2002) kim ji ho

  • Gen1104

    Korean Drama – Stairway to Heaven

  • RiEA

    Japanese Drama – Koibumi Biyori (2014)

  • RiEA

    Japanese Movie – Cheerfu11y (Cheerfully)

  • liezel

    Korean drama-heirs

  • mei

    korean movie- the thieves

  • Ana

    I fan of Asian thriller/horror most have a good story to tell better then American films. Would like to see in the future these films: Act 2013, Doctor, A love to kill.

  • mookiki

    Taiwanese Drama “” love naw””

  • fatimah

    korean drama – emergency man and women

  • fatimah

    korean drama – emergency man and women

    • fatimah

      please updates this drama..

  • sava2sava

    Did you guy’s forget to upload other episodes to the king of legends

  • sava2sava

    love in heaven

  • Haru69

    can i reqeust Lady Castle korean drama tq

  • helen

    Korean drama : ugly alert

  • Wynnie

    Romance town ^^

  • arjun

    please upload episode 14 of my love from another star..cant wait more..

  • Jason Smith

    taiwan drama westside story

  • HM

    Korean movie WONDERFUL RADIO and NO BREATHING pleaseeee

  • HM

    Korean movie – wonderful radio
    Korean movie – no breathinf

  • Yordanka Ivanova

    Can you please do thorn flower/spine flower or bride of the sun please i realy wanna watch it no one has it subbed :(((((((((( please and thank you if you are doing it if not please think again ;)))

  • Selina Lin

    Korean Drama – Operation Proposal

  • kaydee

    can i request a korean drama- glass mask? it’s really nice

  • chacha

    korean drama i am sam

  • Yang Wife~

    korean movie – no breathing

  • ML

    korean movie 2011 “silenced” of goong yoo please !

  • MovieLover

    can I request the thieves movie (Korean) please. thank you ^^

  • azel02 L.O.V.E 다라 찬

    japanese drama – forty nine

    please.. ^____^
    thank you!!! <3

  • Tea

    can I request East of Eden

  • bleeding sunset

    reply 1994 please

  • ryuki F.K

    korean Drama _ sam saengi….

    please and thanks so much

  • tengcharles


  • vivie

    Korean Drama – Fashion 70’s

  • cjcarol

    hye…please update jeong do jeon korean drama :) thank you

  • deemarie

    can i request “Chang Ge Xing”- Chinese historical drama

  • mastura

    can i request Pink Lipstick – korean drama

  • reisnel

    can i request white lies & a well raised daughter in english sub. thank you!

  • Edlyn Enriquez

    can i request k.o 3an guo, k.o one return and k.o one re-act – Taiwanese drama..thanks

  • MinzyCrazy

    Korean Movie- Hot Blooded Youth

  • anime46

    Korean Variety show – Running Man

  • yodrama fans

    can i request Taiwan drama – Young Hero Fong Sai Yuk – starring Dicky Cheung

  • RSmimi18

    Jia Qi Ru Meng (The girl in blue) with english subtitle.. plz..

  • Xxms4everxX

    Taiwan Drama – KO One Re Act with english subtitles please

  • Sara Myia Lynne

    Korean Drama – Ugly Alert

  • bukki haidee

    Please, can I request Korean Drama – Mackerel Run

  • bukki haidee

    Can I request Korean drama – Beethoven Virus

  • Sammy

    Am new to this site but trying to look up Japanese drama titled voice…could you please upload it if possible…am tooooo much in medical dramas n I have watched almost everything but don’t know how I let this slip…thanks a million if possible, if not… Still thanks…:)

  • Lucy

    Korean drama – It’s Okay, Daddy’s Girl

  • dicky cheung

    young hero fong sai yuk 1999- taiwan drama

  • Frans

    Request Television Korean Drama : You Who Came From The Stars

  • Ranka Arioka

    hello. I want to see drama eng sub Dr.DMAT. Please episidios up all of Dr.DMAT with English sub. Thank you.

    a greeting from Spain.

  • ziera

    Korean Drama – Sweet proposal or also known as Delicious proposal

  • ynez

    can i request fo the movie of Taecyon Marriage Blue 2013..thanks

  • pj

    Korean Drama – The Birth Of A Family/Family Ties

  • mikel skofil

    Japanese drama – Little Maestro (2013) . thanks.

  • Nicole

    Korean Drama – King Sejong the great

  • GloryJane Fan :)

    Korean Drama – Glory Jane

  • iris

    I would like to request the japanese drama – Life.

  • kaydeee7l

    updates on glass mask please. the korean drama.

  • tin

    Taiwanese Drama – Happy 300 Days

  • erinn

    Korean movie- hot young bloods

  • shah

    yoo hee the witch

  • MARI

    Korean Movie – Bloods Boiling Youth/Hot Young Bloods . starring LLE JONG SUK AND PARK BO YOUNG PLS………….

  • MARI

    Korean Movie – Bloods Boiling Youth/Hot Young Bloods . starring LEE JONG SUK AND PARK BO YOUNG PLS………….

  • chloe

    Korean drama-20 years old starring lee kikwang

  • lilly

    Korean Drama – 20 years old

  • i love kdrama

    can i request for the drama “Lady” pls? thank you!

  • ainul

    japanese movie – like father, like son (soshite chichi ni naru)

  • jaeai.157

    can i request with English subtitles “prince of lan ling” – Chinese drama 2013

  • Guest

    i would like to request the episodes / seasons of We Got Married, please ^^ :) Thank you


    can you add HAPPY NOODLES PLEASE??? It’s a Chinese drama with SHI YOON OPPA! >.<

  • MiMzy Chick Bintang

    Pleasee, update for PASSIONATE LOVE, Gomawo

  • mingu

    yodrama would you like to upload Jmovie idai naru, shurarabon (2014) pleae thank you

    • kinley

      Can anyone kindly send me the website to watch sunny & Jeany korean drama.

  • leila

    can i request “all about my wife” – korean drama 2012

    • leila

      -korean *movie 2012

  • Joan

    I would like to request the tv drama zhong wu yan please

  • Reshma Pillai

    Japanese Movie – Waiting in the Dark

  • Patricia

    Taiwanese Drama – Meteor Garden 1 and 2

  • Patricia

    Korean Movie – Jackal Is Coming

  • Nik

    it seems Lucky Seven is broken. So, can I request it again?

  • Divya Singh

    Korean drama- boys before flowers series2

  • Chona Saycon

    Korean drama- loving you a thousand timed

  • Rudra Vasisth

    Korean Drama-Boys Before Flowers Season 2
    please we are eagerly waiting for this drama series….thank you in advance…:) :)

  • Eza Sharkawi

    Korean Drama – Man of Honor a.k.a Glory Jane

  • Zafy Ina

    korean drama- manny

  • Lee Cha Ra

    japanese movie Beyond the Memories please….

  • niesa

    Korean drama you’re still the one

  • neethu

    korean Drama – kang goo’s story

  • Ngaihching Gangte

    taiwanese drama- fall in love with me

  • Nc

    taiwanese drama- fall in love with me

  • azhar

    korean drama – Royal Family

  • Suping

    Dear 2 all the producers . Request from these lady . I want full drama with English subtitles of Master’sSun a Korea drama . I from the starting 2 final episode of Master Sun . Nothing musn’t left out . I want yr alll 2 put on YouTube .

  • owliph

    Can you make sub for Variety Show – Cheongdamdong 111 please?? Thanks in advance :)

  • Margarette Jerusalem

    Taiwainese drama – Meteor garden

    Please ?

  • Margarette Jerusalem

    Taiwanese drama – Meteor garden

  • Margarette Jerusalem

    Please taiwanese drama – meteor garden

  • Nisanki Yashodhi

    Korean Drama- Brilliant Legacy

  • Noa Tae Yang

    may i request for Lee Yo Won Movie – RECIPE? thank you.

  • Noa Tae Yang

    can i request for Bel Ami Eps 16? There is no eps 16 there. Thanks.

  • Nisanki Yashodhi

    Korean Drama-Brilliant Legacy

  • nanny

    Korean drama- Stairway to heaven

  • marrissa

    korean drama – ugly alert

  • jannjee

    korean movie – an actor is an actor.
    thank you :)

  • Lily Miichelle

    Japanese Drama – The Prince of Tennis

    Onegai-shimasu~ :)

  • umi syuhada

    bachelor’s vegetable store… please!!!!

  • Evi Candra

    i want to the liar and his lover

  • amy

    korean drama -birth secret hd

  • paris

    korean drama -The Huntresses

  • Andy

    Hong Kong drama – Karma Rider

  • Ave-jay Gumpal

    ugly alert

  • Noor

    Korean Drama – Angel’s Revange

  • Anwar

    Korean Drama – Triangle

  • rissa

    korean drama – brain

  • Recha

    can i request korean drama – dal ja’s spring

  • john

    Japanese drama mischievous kiss

  • Desy Mekarsari

    cina drama – Billion Dolar Heir

  • dramafan

    Thailandese Drama – Full House

  • Ady la

    korean movie – hot young bloods..tq

  • meme

    korean drama – flower grandpa investigation team

  • john

    Japanese drama – mischievous kiss

  • jiha

    korean drama – Glorious Day

  • jazz herrera

    japanese drama- Mischievous Kiss Love in Tokyo

  • Roro

    Hello. May I request for Mnet XOXO EXO? I know this is kinda out of topic but I would love to watch that show. Please…. :(

  • Roro

    Variety show – Mnet XOXO EXO

  • roro

    Mnet XOXO EXO please. :)

  • jazz herrera

    Japanese drama- Mischievous Kiss Love in Tokyo

  • iqah

    stairway to heaven..please…

  • yeol

    korean drama-H.I.T

  • anime46

    Get Karl! Oh Soo Jung

  • sally duron


  • rairamegumi

    Korean Drama – Ugly Alert
    Korean Drama – Smile You

  • ann m g

    Korean Movie- Fly High (Movie)

  • Mary

    Korean drama: Daring women

  • shasha

    korean drama- Punch

  • Song Hye Jin

    Please sub the Taiwanese drama, Lady Maid Maid. Thank you!

  • rossiechasez

    Korean Movie – Venus Talk

  • gavy

    please….korean drama “UGLY ALERT”

  • Mais

    Japanese Drama – Love Game

  • lilo

    can i request korean show – exo xoxo 😀

  • mari

    Korean Movie – The Attorney

  • Noorsyazmira

    Korean Drama – The Women’s Room

  • searcher

    I’m looking for an English subtitled version of:
    Japanese Movie – Out
    It’s a 2002 movie based on Natsuo Kirino’s book of the same name. I hope someone has it. Thanks!

  • Eleni

    can you please upload the dancing show Dancing 9 season 1 and the season 2 when it stars?

  • Eleni

    Can you upload the dancing show Dancing 9 season 1 and season2 when it starts?

  • Wynnie

    When do you release Rommate episodes? Is it each week?

  • divina

    korean drama – noble woman/lady

  • sandra

    Korean Drama – Trot Lovers

  • Sara Ahmed

    one fine day

  • Mash

    Cinderella man – Korean

  • Sara Ahmed

    one fine day

  • Rupini

    Ruby’s Ring

  • Mash

    Korean Drama – Goong S

  • umiejat

    Korena drama-Glorious days. You stop uploading the drama or what? Please translate it into english. please please please

  • Nicolizamarie

    Korean Drama – King Sejong The Great

  • Cedric25513

    korean drama – King Sejong The Great

  • dqa

    the women’s room please.

  • Aswara

    Korean Movie – Secretly Greatly

  • carol foster

    please complete TV series Amour-et- Patisserie / The Patisserie With no Name 2013 with XIU JIE KAI and SANDRINE PINNA. thank you

  • Leigh

    Can I request my daughter the flower

  • mae

    can i request LINE ROMANCE all episode with eng.subtitle thanks.

    • Guest

      starring lee minho

  • ira

    Korean Movie – The girl’s ghost movie

  • nurul

    korean drama – the women’s room.

  • nurul

    the women room.

  • mee

    korean reality show-appa oddiga episode 72

  • Teju p

    Taiwanese drama- fabulous 30 aka Love in The House of Dancing Water
    wid eng sub plz :)

  • Lufias

    Request korean drama YOU’RE STILL THE ONE

  • Lily

    can i request korean variety shows – “show me the money season 3” and “dancing 9” please

  • edy soekamto

    Japanese Drama – Nobody’s Perfect – Daijobu 3 Kumi (2013)

  • umiejat

    Chinese Movie (maybe. im not sure its movie or drama) – Le Jun Ki

    • Lily

      it’s a drama

  • Lily

    Can I request korean variety show – ‘Off To School’ when it releases please

  • Pal123

    Korean Film – Monster (2014)

  • Diana

    The word that they live in

  • just someone

    korean drama – potato star episode 45 above please

  • issy

    Korean Drama – Vampire`s Flower

  • Diana

    Lie to me

  • LoLhahaha

    Korean Film – Monster (2014)

  • Dian

    Stairway to heaven :)

  • Pipin

    Korean movie – Cold eyes

  • Eugenia Ammy

    Korean Drama – High School King of Savvy

  • neu

    korean drama – cunning single lady

  • kingjane

    can you upload the “hana kimi” taiwan version?

  • 24james

    Hi sir… Ma’am I just wonder why it’s only playing till episode 3 the sweet18? Please I really love this series I look you tube also but all be block…I really apriciate and thank you for uploading a lot of Korean movie there my favourite

  • Jessie

    Hello..Thank you for having ‘Medical Top Team’ .^_^. can i request for Queen Seondeok and Salamander Guru and the Shadows?

  • David Jones

    Korean Movie – Eunuch.

  • Chunetz

    Taiwanese drama-First Kiss

  • Chunetz

    Taiwanese Drama-First Kiss

  • just someone

    taiwan drama – summer’s desire

  • mitch

    korean drama ” Wife retruns”

  • mitch

    korean drama ” wife returns “

  • childgirl

    can I request my daughter the flower drama?thank you

  • lali

    Korean Drama-Princess Ja_Myung

  • Regine C

    Korean Drama – Prosecutor Princess

  • Dian

    Korean…pleasee :3

  • DraMarathoner

    Korean Drama – Jang Gil San 2004

  • Fakhrul

    Korean Drama – Boys Over Flowers

  • lola

    korean drama – My Daughter the Flower

  • lali

    Korean Drama -Princess Ja-Myung plzzzz

  • xandra

    OPERATION PROPOSAL please,please,please!!!!!!! im begging begging you … tnx

  • stephanie

    Korean Drama-Love is All Around

  • Sandra

    Korean Drama – Hold My Hand

  • nitta

    where can I find Phillipines movies pls

  • kreamer

    korean drama – take care of the lady

  • ulrica75

    Daring Women

  • nel

    korean drama- Miss Ripley

  • Heziel

    Japanese Drama – Kinkyori Renai Season zero

  • chaitu

    Korean Drama-Temptation
    Korean Drama- Fated to love you

  • Greentea

    Japanese Drama – Satorare


    korean variety show – WE GOT MARRIED

  • MimiLing

    Korean movie – “Tunnel 3D”

  • shanaira

    Korean drama- return of the wife

  • Madie

    Korean Drama – Good Daughter Hana

  • kaikun

    japanese drama – trick

  • anne ramos

    korean movie -obsessed

  • ichan

    Korean Drama – My Lovely Girl

  • christyj51

    Princess Aurora

  • Emolga

    Japanese Drama – Time Spiral (2014)

  • Maria

    Would you add Chinese Drama: Boss and Me (Shan Shan Comes to Eat), pleaaaseeee …
    Thanks a lot

  • Melyani Widjaja

    Please upload Maindland Chinese drama Call Boss and me …… Thank you

  • angeline

    Korean Drama – vampire flower boy

  • angel

    Korean Drama – vampire flower boy

  • Diah Icha Ad Hikmawan

    Japanese Drama – Hanako to Anne

  • arum

    Japanese Movie – Yawara!

  • Mei

    Korean drama “Let’s Marry”

  • exo-l

    Japanese Drama – Itazura Na Kiss Love In Okinawa

  • exo-l

    Japanese Movie – Kimi Ni Todoke

  • shinhee

    Taiwanese Drama – Rainbow Sweetheart

  • sunbae

    Japanese Drama- Itazura na Kiss Love in Okinawa

  • fay

    hong kong drama – line walker

  • farz

    Korean drama- her lovely heels
    korean drama-the reason i’m getting married
    korean drama-mama

  • Fatu1942

    I will to watch a rerun of the first korean drama I ever saw “the bizzer bunch” otherwise known as “peculiar man peculiar woman”. Thank you..

  • auwe

    korean drama- two wives

  • rookiestar

    I love your site 😀 Thank god !~!!!
    are there any harem Jdrama like Animes lol i am just sayin 😛

  • Maricel

    Hi…could I request the full episode of RETURN OF THE WIFE please………

  • Hanaboshi

    Japanese drama – katagoshi no koibito (2007)

  • rachel_26

    Korean Drama – Return of the Wife / My Wife is Back / Wife Returns

  • Rosal

    Taiwanese drama-love cheque charge

  • Kang ji rim

    reality show – dad is home

  • Hunny

    Korean Movie – Runway Cop

  • Christine J Ahrendt

    when will you get more episodes of A Well Raised Daughter (subbed)

  • ica

    Japanese Drama – Itazura na Kiss Love In Tokyo Season 2

  • ceysa

    japanese drama please – J-SHARK

  • katelyn

    Korean Drama – Ojakgyo brothes

  • Sayendrika

    Korean Drama – Saving Mrs. Go Bong Shil

  • dzue

    korean drama – the musical

  • Celine

    Korean drama- My daughter, the flower

  • odajavier3872

    Taiwan Drama – The Splendid Life. Thank you in advance

  • Irene Giselle

    Taiwanese drama- Summer fever

  • DraMarathoner

    Korean Drama – Jang Gil San 2004

  • Andy

    Japanese Drama – Gochisousan

  • aadam Q yoel

    2014 Movie – THE NOVEMBER MAN

  • aadam Q yoel

    2014 Movie – OUTCAST

  • xavi

    Korean Drama – 2 days 1 night episode 67

  • laimi

    I’d like to request for a korean movie entitled “the thieves” thanks much…..

  • jjona

    miracle in cell 7 (movie)

  • karishma

    Taiwanese drama- knock knock loving you

  • memae

    Taiwanese drama please love cheque charge :)

  • Jelai

    Korean Drama – Fighting Spirit

  • Jelai

    Korean Drama – Pitch High

  • Jelai

    Korean Movie – Pitch High

  • Jelai

    Korean Drama – City Hall

  • Drama-Lover

    Please, please, please add the final episodes of ‘A well-raised daughter’!!!

    • DraMarathoner

      aka: “One Well Raised Daughter”

  • Carol Foster

    borrow your love eps 11,12, 13, 14 ,15.

  • Carol Foster

    amour et patissier eps 10,11,12,13,14,

  • Sai

    Japanese Drama – Go Go Ikeme 5

  • shorealove

    Korean Movie – Fashion King

  • dramaddict

    Korean Drama – Two Wives

  • che nasir

    Chinese drama – state of divinity ( 2000)

  • Azie Eiza

    Korean drama-only you my love

  • seutalia

    Japanese Drama – Itazura na Kiss Love in Tokyo 2

  • sakura

    i want to request the love & secret (sweet love)..

  • xnxq

    k drama – love cells

  • Marx

    Japanese Movies-Messiah (2011) and Taekwondo Damashii Rebirth (2014).Pleaseee ,thank you ! :)

  • sahar

    please add korean dramas :” Make a wish” and “I live in in Cheongdam-dong ” “Again, My Love”

  • DraMarathoner

    Korean Drama – Jang Gil San 2004

  • Jimmyn

    Korean Variety Show- Law of the Jungles.

  • ichan

    Korean Drama – Beethoven Virus

  • Art

    Japanese Drama – First Class 2

  • Syarfa Irdina

    Korean Drama – Boys Over Flower


    the movie ‘catch me’… joo won and kim ah joong… please upload… many thanks

  • yuni

    can I request Korean movie- Sea Fog ‘haemo’

  • arie

    Korean Show – The Return of Superman.

    Thank you

  • Diamond Mitchell

    Korean Drama – you who rolled in unexpedly

  • frian

    Korean Drama – Hwang Jini

  • DraMarathoner

    Korean Drama – Jang Gil San 2004

  • WhiteBiscuit

    Korean Drama – Cheo Yong

  • ari

    Hong Kong Kowloon Zaiho Satsujin Jiken eng sub-japanesse movie

  • Karan

    plz add yourupdload and mp4upload links to the new episodes…. my net speed is slow so its difficult to watch in parts… plz add full length links and thanks once again for all the latest episodes…

  • infinitychallengelove

    can you please sub infinity challenge pleae

  • korean_addicted

    Can i request? Boys over flowers please!

  • kendra

    Korean Drama- Ugly Alert

  • Talva Flowers-shipp

    Taiwanese drama Unbeatable 1 and Tiny Times 1.0

  • tricia

    Taiwanese Drama – Mr. Fighting

  • Giraffe

    Korean drama- dream of 400 years

  • azz

    korean drama something about 1%
    korean drama all about my romance

  • xyqouh

    Korean Drama – the family is coming

  • Maria Garcia

    korean drama, Golden Fish

  • xyqouh

    korean drama – kill me, heal me

  • Anwar

    Korean Drama- Spy

  • Stephanie

    Korean Drama-The Return of Superman the First Year and The Return of Superman

  • bnm

    Japanese – ouran highschool host club

  • Julia Fabiana

    Korean Drama – Mister Q

  • Julia Fabiana

    Korean Drama – Woman of Matchless Beauty, Park Jung geum

  • Julia Fabiana

    Korean Drama – Island Village Teacher

  • Suzanne

    Korean Drama – Beijing My Love [2004]
    Korean Drama – Land of Wine [2003]

  • Guest

    skip beat please i can’t watch that anywhere and please can you do them full not parts if you can


    Japanese Drama – Mikeneko Holmes No Suiri.. Please~~~

  • tashu

    slow motion korean movie 2014

  • Anna

    Korean drama Love and secret FULL ep & Engsub please…tx

  • Khin Sandi Ye Thway

    Korean Drama – Here Comes Mr. Oh

  • Khin Sandi Ye Thway

    Korean Drama – Cheongdamdong Scandal

  • mimi sadako isuhara

    korean reality program – Jung Yong Hwa’s Hologram

  • Noodles1984

    Chinese Drama – Legendary Wu Mei Niang

    My Chinese boyfriend is really into this show, and I really want to share in it with him. Please, if you can find this with English Subs, please let me know!

  • raja

    Chinese drama- the empress of china

  • dhie

    Japanese drama – glass no kamen

  • dhie

    japanese drama – glass no kamen

  • scha fie

    can i request…..korean variety show- Real men women special 1 and 2…please

  • Lilies

    coffee prince pleaseee …..

  • Lilies

    korea drama – coffee prince

  • Lilies

    korean drama – coffee prince

  • Christina Elisheba Lim

    Korean Drama – Only My Love

  • ichan

    Japanese Drama – The Perfect Insider Eps 9

  • ichan

    Japanese Drama – N no Tameni Eps 6

  • Ericadyamunzy

    Do you have korean movie – gangnam blue

  • Guest

    maindland-duke of munt deer 2014 with eng sub

  • jdt

    maindland-duke of mount deer 2014 with eng sub

  • mimi

    korean movie-love forecast

  • Desiree Edwards

    korean movie- pluto

  • deginting

    Taiwan Drama – Endless Love CTS

  • issy

    Korean Drama – Blood

  • Silver

    Korean Drama – Soulmate
    Korean Drama – The Princess’ Man

  • al

    can i request LUpin live movie?

  • Myong

    Korean Drama – Doctor Frost – Episode 10 Finale
    This episode aired 3 weeks ago.

  • Abhishek Kumar

    Korean Drama – Marriage not dating

  • BeeZee890

    Korean Movie – Love Forecast

  • eiraaa

    Korean variety show- problematic men

    please :(

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    Korean movie- Fashion king (2014)

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    Korean Drama – Only Love

  • Deutza

    Korean Drama Special – Wetlands Ecology Reports



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    Korean Drama – Orange Marmalade

  • Parwathie Oka

    korean drama-only love please….

  • anje

    Korean drama – Playfull kiss special edition

  • anje

    i request for korean drama – playful kiss

  • steven adams

    I love historical action drama series. please, download the Emperor of the Sea and the Emperor WANG Guhn with English subtitles. thank you .

  • Ariame

    Korean Movie – Penny Pinchers

  • Evi Pranisa

    korean show – three meal a day ( fishing vi;llage n at mountain )
    korean show – what shall we eat to day

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    plese upload the movie unforgetable love the new drama of taiwanese hearttrob jerry yan

  • Sevy Balisi Magallanes

    why to late.. let’s eat season 2 please^^ THANKS

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    Korean Drama – Bichunmoo (2008)

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    Korean Movie – Shoot me in the Heart

  • Lulu

    Forever young- Vietnamese/korean drama

  • jannjee

    korean drama – let’s eat 2

  • chacha

    Please request korean drama — yoona’s street
    , the ghost seeing detective cheoyong , rude miss youngae season1 to 13 ,

  • gosachiko


  • euitos

    chiness drama – queen if sop 2 (2013)

  • yeoliyeoja iqah

    Korean Movie – CART

  • jen

    Korean Drama- The Princess’s Man

  • LuckyCharms

    Japanese Drama- Flowers for Algernon

  • heraherma

    korean drama – bad guy (2010) kim nam gil

  • dibajiea

    korean drama – orange marmalade

  • chacha

    korean drama — 3 meals a day season 2 please

  • Beatrice Stella Suziah

    Korean drama-Cheongdamdong scandal

  • amirah


  • M.O.

    Korean Drama – Orange Marmalade / Masked Prosecutor

    Both drama links link to the Orange Marmalade series.
    Please add Masked Prosecutor series to website links.

  • Chan YS

    Can someone please tell me how to download videos that come in Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3. I can only download Part 1 not Part 2 and Part 3.

  • nashi

    Do any of you know any really good Korean dramas to watch??

  • pink

    Hong Kong – The Rippling Blossom

  • andy

    korean drama-bride of the sun

  • gretz

    pls download truth (2000) drama by choi ji woo. thanks

  • yuki_e32

    Romance of Condor Heroes
    The Four
    Cruel Romance
    The Journey of Flower

    These are Chinese dramas

    also get it beauty when eugene was the host. thank you

  • yuki_e32

    korean drama- we got married s1,s2,s3
    Chinese drama- the journey of flower, the four, cruel romance,romance of the condor heroes

  • yuki_e32

    korean variety show- real man

  • yuki_e32

    taiwanese drama- Eternity: A Chinese Ghost Story(2003)

  • yuki_e32

    Taiwanese drama- Queen of Sop 2

  • Yeyen Setya Ayeza

    Fast and fourius 7 movie

  • Carol Foster

    Border 2

  • Carol Foster


  • Carol Foster


  • Wenda Ozone Mourandee

    hi i’m looking for korean drama sweet palpitations! thank you!

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    I am ghost So Ji Sub english subs

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    can i get attack on titan

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    chinese drama- duo duo’s marriage / qian duo duo jia ren ji
    please culd u upload this drama with eng subs
    i couldnt find it anywhere online :) :)

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    korean drama- To be continued

  • Devi Amor Lazan Pioquinto

    Korean drama- To be continued

  • Myong

    Korean Drama – Last (jTBC)

  • Toadernator

    Japanese Drama -Kazoku Hakkei (Telepathy girl’s ballad)

  • Carol Foster

    hero 2007

  • silvermoon

    Japanese Movie – Nounai Poison Berry

  • Carol Foster

    I am Ghost in eng sub.

  • Chelle

    hi, can you get i need romance season 1, you only have the season 2 and 3. thank you.

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    Korean variety show – return of the superman, please? thankyou :)

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    japannese drama- death note

  • haffy

    please update running man episode 265

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    Korean drama – Daring/Caring Women
    Korean drama – I can’t stop
    Korean drama – Good for you
    Korean drama – Your lady

  • my_priscilla

    Can you please add this drama (Sa Yug Shin) and other like it. I love this historical drama but it’s hard to find them on other sites and when I do find them they are always raw or only about 10% subbed. Thank You for all the hard work and for keeping us coming back for more. Fighting!!!

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    korean new drama the village plz…

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    korean drama – The Village -Achiara Secret

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    Enchanting neighbor pls

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    Korean Drama – Love Story in Harvard

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    Korean Drama – Secret Message

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    Taiwanese Drama – ToGetHer (Superstar Express)

  • John Carlo Narval

    Taiwanese Drama – Hi My Sweetheart

  • John Carlo Narval

    Taiwanese Drama – Sunshine Angel

  • Kryzle Brylle Tuclaud

    Korean Drama – Vampire Idol.. I cant find it

  • wanny

    Korean Drama – Running Man 275

  • nur izatti

    running man episode 275?

  • nur izatti

    running man episode 275?

    • gertrude ragland

      I request two movies; cheng wu yan and the return of the dragon with Bruce Lee.
      English subs. thanks so much.

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    Dear YD please upload chinese movie the four, thanks!

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    Chinese drama- Detectives and Doctors

  • Lena

    Please please do detectives and doctors. Other websites say they have subbed it but none of the episodes are actually subbed. I’m really desperate in watching this drama

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    Taiwanese drama – Ai Ni Zai Tianling

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    Taiwanese Drama – You Light Up My Star

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    do you have Don’t Hesitate

  • owliph

    Korean Drama – Friend, The Untold Story

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    Kindly pls upload new kdrama-
    Jang Youngsil: The Greatest Scientist of Joseon

    • Olly Aishlin

      Thanks for upload~
      Always love u YoDrama!

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    Korean movie – Days of Wrath / Punisher

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    Please Do you have I Am GHOST with SO JI SUB eng.subs. thank you

  • Carol Foster

    it’s very hard to watch movies on this site now

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    korean drama – I remember you 2012

  • Yusra Mj

    Korean sitcom-Rainbow Romance/Nonstop6

  • Helai

    Korean Drama – Lie to Me

  • CM

    I have a couple: 1. Fragile, 2. Keiji 7 – nin, 3. Criminologist Himura and Mystery Writer Arisngawa or maybe Arishgawa, 4. Mr. Nietzsche in the Convenience Store.

    Thank you!

  • Jaycee Bayabao Alonto

    korean drama – doctor stranger

  • Rio

    Korean drama – witch’s castle

  • Ze Coelho

    Korean Drama – Here comes Oh Ja Ryong

  • dibajiea

    korean webdrama – nightmare teacher

  • mina

    Korean Movie-Twenty(2015)

  • helai habibi

    Korean Drama – The Girl Who Sees Smells

  • Noor Syazwani

    Korean Drama – One Sunny Day

  • CM

    I noticed Refresh Man was posted for episode 5. I watched Refresh Man episode 5 over the weekend. Could there be an error and episode 6 should be posted or have I misunderstood? Thanks ~ CM

  • Sokun Thy

    Chinese Webdrama – Revive:The revorn of superstar

  • jillian

    The Classic (Son Ye-Jin, Jo In-Sung)

  • David Alexandre

    Korean Drama – Faith

  • wiaegle

    Japanese Drama – Beach Boys

  • David Alexandre

    Korean Drama – Faith

  • Myong

    Korean Drama – Vampire Detective
    Episodes 1,5, and 6 are uploaded but what happened to episodes 2,3, and 4

  • chuiya

    Korean Drama- Sungkyunkwan Scandal

  • XXXX

    Chinese Drama-My Amazing boyfriend

  • aly

    chinese drama” crazy for palace 2″ with eng sub plzzzzz

  • sx

    Korean drama: sunshine of love (2004)…pleaseee…

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    Korean Movie – Sector7

  • Angie Malonzo

    Korean Drama- Moon Lovers
    Korean Movie- I Married An Anti-Fan

  • SLiceS1310

    Korean Movie – The Sound of a Flower

  • Afyna Atasya

    Korean Movie- INGtoogi

  • 해빈

    Korean drama – Perfect sense

  • prili

    Korean-Chinnese Drama – High End Crush

  • Khairani Kutbi

    can i request the girl who is wearing earing chinese drama

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    Korean Movie- Runway Cop

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    Please i need Hidden Identity episode 1

  • Cecille Marjorie Mamaclay

    Korean Drama – Two Worlds

  • bts stan

    Japanese drama-Good morning call

  • Insenior

    Hi admin, May I request for 2016 Three Meals a Day in Gochang Village with english subs. Thanks in advance

  • Insenior

    Korean Tv Series – Three Meals a Day in Gochang Village

  • Ylishi

    Whats wrong with Wanted episode?

  • Ylishi

    What’s wrong with the WANTED episodes?

  • Yusra

    Korean Sitcom- Rainbow romance

  • jane

    Korean Drama-Truth 2000

  • yuni

    i want japanese drama itazura na kiss 2 and korean drama touching you…

  • Anika

    Can I please request Chinese drama – Tornado girl 2

  • シャザナ

    Japanese drama – Koe koi

  • Misaki

    Korean Drama- Jumong

  • silvermaoh

    Chinese Drama- Rookie Agent Rouge (will be released Sept. 27th)

  • Pei Pei’zz

    Chinese drama – My little princess
    Chinese drama – A smile is beautiful
    Thank you :)

  • arpita

    doctor stranger

  • arpita

    From where i can get korean drama doctor stranger.please tell me

  • Amiera

    Korean Drama- Healer full episode

  • gertrude ragland

    Gert: I am requesting: If I may, that other episodes of “Blow Breeze” be shown when available asap.

  • Komentar Tegar

    can i request “My Fair Lady” 2005 Hong Kong drama series. Gallen Lo(Actor)

  • Leo


  • Leo

    i want the new drama ‘ Money?! ‘

  • Annelise
  • sagar thalang

    japanese movie- Quill
    the life of a guide dog

  • Momozono Hoshi

    Chinese drama – Q series :life Plan A and B
    Korean drama – Goblin
    Japanese Movie – Phropecy
    Japanese Drama – Saki

  • Myra

    Can you upload variety show Candy In My Ears? I really want to watch that show, please

  • Mimi

    Chinese drama – Naughty Princess

  • gertrude ragland

    gertrude ragland: I enjoed this drama summer scent however it did not have an ending once it got to the last episode.which was the finale. I did not understand why it did not have another episode to clear up the unclear ending. I would like to request any other episodes on this drama if there are any. I really want to see an ending to the drama.
    tThe life of the characters does not have a conclusion. It has no plot without a clear ending.

  • Manish Rao

    Xin Yi Jian Mei- Chinese drama-2010 starring wallace huo

  • gertrude ragland

    requesting chinese “drama chong wu chen”, I hope that is the title. It has been awhile since I have seen the movie and I may be mistaken about the title but I think this is the correct title. The main actor is one of the Wu brothers. I would like to see this drama because I was not able to finish it and now I am not able to find it on any of the sites. I seems to have disappeared from the streaming sites due to sites loosing rites to the video. I don’t claim to understand how the streaming sites work but that is what one of the sites claimed when I tried to download the video for watching. please email me if necessary. thanks

  • que

    Mainland Drama – Memory Lost

  • emmanuel tiger

    weapon and soul

  • Artemis Michael

    Korean Variety Show – Golden Trambourine