How to download TV Series on Yodrama.com ?

Here is the guide for you to download your favourite dramas on our site. Its quite simple with the firefox plugin, Just follow as below:

1.Download & Install Firefox browser at http://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/new/.

2.Go to this URL for installl add-on (Video Download Helper).


Click on “Add to Firefox“.



Wait a few seconds, It will show a mini window as below, click “Install Now“.



3. Restart Firefox


4. After restart, It will show a new button on top left of firefox browser.


How to use the plugin- Video Download Helper


1.Go to the tv series url that you want to download, and click “Play”


2.Click on Balloon 3 Colors button and select “Download”, Wait for downloading…Done!


  • kdramalover

    it didn’t work out. especially in the last step. there is no downloading. :(
    how come?

  • queee

    i try it but cannot open on macbook -_-


    you should open the video first then you can download i use it every time i want to download vid or mp3

  • nissa

    it download but some part only not the whole part. how come?