Kamen Rider Wizard (假面骑士Wizard / 仮面ライダーウイザード)

Kamen Rider Wizard
Category: Japanese Drama
Genre: ,

A police squad led by Detective Amino arrives at a warehouse, where workers are being attacked by a platoon of Ghouls. When rookie Detective Rinko Daimon and the police are outmatched by the Phantom Minotauros and his forces, Haruto Sohma arrives at the scene and transforms into Kamen Rider Wizard to combat the threat. He swiftly dispatches the Ghouls and breaks one of Minotauros’ horns, forcing the Phantom to retreat. After summoning his Plamonsters to search for Minotauros, Haruto is confronted by Rinko. He explains to her that humans with magic potential, known as Gates, are being targeted by Phantoms, who are Gates themselves that have given in to their own despair. Demanding more information from him and seeing him as a potential threat, she arrests him…


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