Chilling Romance (오싹한 연애 / 我的见鬼女友)

Chilling Romance (movie)
Category: Korean Movie
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Ever since she was young, Yeo-ri (Son Ye-jin), has had the unnatural ability to see ghosts, and when they do appear, usually when she has company, unexpected things occur to the people around her. Yeo-ri chooses to isolate herself from the outside world but is approached by a street magician named Jo-goo (Lee Min-ki), who offers her a job in his show. One year passes, and Yeo-ri ends up playing a part in the magician?s horror-themed act, in which she plays a ghost in a closet. Every day, Jo-goo?s staff successfully close the show and invite Yeo-ri for drinks, but she always rejects their offer. She is fully aware what will happen if she gets close to people. When eventually Yeo-ri opens up to Jo-goo about her tragic and lonely life, things start to change for the both of them. Can Jo-Goo help her find a way out? Or will he be chased away by the ghosts like all of the other people in Yeo-ri?s life?

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