Ji Sung


Alias: Ji Sung / 지성 / Ji Seong / 곽태근 / Kwak Tae Gun / Gwak Tae Geun

Birthdate: 1977-02-27

Birthplace: South Korea

Height: 178cm
Weight: 70kg
Blood type: A

Ji Sung's Dramas and Movies

  • korean drama Secret

    Secret (Korean)

    Korean Drama
    Min Hyuk (Ji Sung) - a second generation chaebol. He has a cold heart, and he does not believe in love until he meets Yu-jeong (Hwang Jung Eum). Yu Jeong...Read More
  • My PS Partner

    My PS Partner

    Korean Movie
    Instead of calling her boyfriend, Yoon-jung accidentally calls a total stranger. She ends up having phone sex with him. Then when her relationship with her boyfriend is in trouble, she...Read More
  • watch korean drama The Great Seer

    The Great Seer

    Korean Drama
    A fiction historical about a guru near the power of the late Goryeo times which declined in fate, putting hero Lee Seong-gye in charge of founding the Chosun. ...Read More
  • watch protect the boss online

    Protect the Boss

    Korean Drama
    No Eun Seol finally gets a job as a secretary at a law firm after struggling with unemployment, only to fall in love with her boss, Cha Ji Heon, the...Read More