Yoo In Na


Alias: Yoo In Na / 유인나

Birthdate: 1982-06-05

Height: 165cm
Weight: 44kg

Yoo In Na's Dramas and Movies

  • You Who Came From the Stars

    My Love From Another Star

    Korean Drama
    Do Min-Joon is an alien who landed on Earth 400 years ago during the Joseon Dynasty period. Do Min-Joon possesses a near perfect appearance and enhanced physical abilities involving his...Read More
  • You're the Best Lee Soon Shin

    You’re the Best Lee Soon Shin

    Korean Drama
    Because of her father's sudden death, Lee Soon Shin and her mother fall in trouble. They both attempt to find happiness, while Lee Soon Shin falls in love. Meanwhile...Read More
  • The Greatest Love korean drama

    The Greatest Love

    Korean Drama
    Ae Jung is a female band member who is already over the hill. When she enters a variety show to pretend marriage with the top star Jin, she gets entangled...Read More
  • Queen Inhyun's Man korean drama

    Queen Inhyun’s Man

    Korean Drama
    A romanctic comedy drama about a classic scholar who arrives 300 years into the modern times (year 2012) from the Chosun (year 1694) through time warp and meets a...Read More