Love Me or Leave Me

December 3, 2015

Love-Me-Or-Leave-MeYang Yi-Ru is a workaholic and never took time off for a holiday. After Yang Yi-Ru was conned by her family and friends that she had been diagnosed with cancer and had only six months to live, she was sent abroad for a much-needed vacation. Still a state of shock from discovering she only had six months left, Yi-ru met Lan Shi-De, who was on a business trip. When she told Shi-De that she only has six months left to live, she cried out her 28th birthday to fall in love, get married and have kids. As soon as he heard this, Shi-De proposed to Yi-Ru. Yi-Ru doesn’t know that Shi-De actually had met her years ago in their final examination and had fallen in love with her since that time. Yi-Ru accepted his proposal, thinking it was out of his kindness, not love.Under the blue skies and on the white sandy beach, with a red carpet covered in rose petals, Shi-De helped Yi-Ru fulfill her dream of getting married and also given her the dream wedding that she wanted. From there on, Shi-De decided to accompany Yi-Ru for the number of days she had left. Soon after, Yi-Ru left quietly and worried Sh-De. He swore to find Yi-ru no matter what because, he doesn’t her to disappear quickly like she did years ago when he met Yi-Ru. He still doesn’t know the fact that Yi-Ru had only six months to live was a prank pulled by her family, and hat Yi-Ru herself did not even know at first.